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Andrew G. Eggleston "Andrew G. Eggleston" says:

Bad title If you’re looking for erotic pleasures of the flesh, do not look here. This is a badly produced comedian doing stand-up.

Wade says:

what’s up Amazon? First of all I am amazed that Amazon will allow instant videos on here without a preview or review of some type at least. I personally don’t think they should be allowed without at least a preview and while I’m at it how about some of the previews that don’t get beyond the credits. A brief film view is helpful. I will never purchase an instant video again without one.Had I been able to preview or read about this film, I never would have purchased it. I am probably not a good one to review this film because it is a comedian. I don’t care for modern comidians in general because the only way they can get a laugh is by using the F word constantly. I thought for the price which was only $5.00 that it would be a documentry or personal biography film. I was wrong. I haven’t watched but a minute or two and I am removing it from my video library in a few minutes. Perhaps someone will follow up with a favorable review who knows about modern comedians but I can’t see myself sitting for an hour and a half seeing something I don’t like.

Wayne Goldman "Wayne" says:

Fully UN-Censored and UN-edited Stand_up Don’t take any stock in the other reviews of this. They are guys looking for porn, and are madd that they got Stand-Up Comedy. This guy is a genius. He never uses laugh track, and never has any of the productions edited. Pure Stand-Up Comedy.

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