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Attention all Kindle Writers!
Are you looking for Proofreaders,Ghostwriters Editors,Publishers,
100% FREE COPYRIGHT IIIustrations, CLIPART, Cartoonists, Ghostwriters, E-book format and great covers for your books?
Whether you are publshing on Kindle, Create Space or Smashwords this book delivers exclusive information to do all this on a budget of five dollars!
The content in this book gives every writer a chance to begin their writing career and see their book in print.
Writers will find where to get top ranking keywords as well as honest reviewers who are willing to purchase any genre of books and leave honest reviews for their books.
If you do not know how to place your electronic signature online and claim your royalties on Kindle for IRS non-witholding tax, don’t worry and look no further.
WRITER’S FREEDOM gives you all the data you need to prepare, polish and publish your book to Amazon Kindle using the professional services of extremely talented Illustrators, Cartoonists, professional Proofreaders, Ghost writers, Editors, Cover design creations, fix blurry photos from old covers and a wide range of other unbelievable services.
Proven services that pass auto vetter format conversions for Smashwords ,Lulu, Create Space,Amazon Kindle and other publishing platforms.
Read WRITER’S FREEDOM and you can upload your book in minutes.
Writer’s Freedom gives you the full range of service providers you will ever require to publish your book within days…………….
WRITER’S FREEDOM also shows writers precisely how to obtain the
Non US withholding to get your Employer Identification Number (EIN), how to fill the W-8ben Form that is required by the IRS.
With WRITER’S FREEDOM you will get this done in less than thirty minutes!
Have you finished writing your book and need real help to upload to Kindle or do you require advertising Services to promote your Kindle book…..
Press releases, video editing, other sevices?
The information in WRITER’S MARKET is phenomenal and will also give you the opportunity to make money online today.
Discover a goldmine of true wealth in this book to contact and have your book published on the Kindle platform.
Make even more money online when you purchase your exclusive copy of WRITER’S FREEDOM to learn more about how you can start a highly profitable and successful business through your books by offering your services.
You can start earning money Today!


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Writers’ Freedom ReviewThis book clearly demonstrates an explanatory writing style that captivates the reader’s attention with an informative content; regarding the practices and implications of essential writing tools. The book teaches authors to maintain a balance between writing and eBook publishing with information on where and how to contact illustrators, cartoonists, proofreaders, editors, cover creator designers, formatting service providers, top ranking key words, limited budgets and increase book sales. It is easy to give up on something which is tough not to concentrate when other constants are in your life. As an author, it is essential to remain focus and use guides as such to enhance your writing techniques.Author Jennings advertises this book like one of a kind and it is a bonus! In addition, to all of the key information that an author needs to publish an eBook, Author Jennings demonstrates the wherathal with a how to tutorial on how to upload books to Kindle; where to find the right people to promote your book and even, as well as how to make money in return.

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