Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Series – Style 2

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Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Series – Style 2

W62882 Features: -Paper Jamz pro guitar – style 2.-Freestyle: Go solo and play real chords and notes to create your own hit songs.-Rhythm: Control a song’s rhythm for performances that are always in the right key.-Perfect Play: Just select a song and strum along.-Sound like a rock star – without years of practice.-Perform hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes and slides.-Built-in accelerometer really makes your guitar wail.-Age 8+.-Batteries: 4 x AA (not included). Includes: -USB cable included. Specifications: -14 active frets for a wider range of notes.

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JerryWithaJ says:

This thing is INCREDIBLE!!! I wasn’t aware of Paper Jamz instruments until this year’s Black Friday sales when many stores were selling them dirt cheap. My first thought was that it was a cute twist on air-guitar, but something had me look into it a bit further and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. That much technology for about $20?!?!?!Also, I’ve been playing guitar for ages and, after reading the many descriptions and reviews, I began to wonder how much real music could be made with one of these guitars…so I got one!I still can’t believe it!You like music? Well, this is like music. In fact, it arguably *is* music. Most guitar players are familiar with the concept of “open tunings”. In standard tuning, strumming the open strings of the guitar is not particularly harmonious because the notes don’t form a chord. With open tunings, a guitar is tuned so that the open strings *do* form a chord, and that’s how the Paper Jamz guitars are set up. Move your right hand over where the strings would be on a real guitar, with your left hand not touching the neck, and you get the sound of an E chord. If you place the index finger of your left hand across all the strings anywhere on the neck, you get a another chord, just a different pitch. Placing your index finger across all the strings just behind the first fret gives an F chord and so on 2-F#/Gb, 3-G, 4-G#/Ab, 5-A, and so on.The standard rock song has three chords. In the key of G, they would be G, C, and D, and you get them by placing the index finger of your left hand across the “strings” at 3rd, 8-th, and 10-th frets, respectively. So, yes, you can make real music with the Paper Jamz guitar!But wait! There’s more! If you’re a 3 year old, you can still make music with the thing. Have mom or dad put in in song mode and when you strum you get nice sounding proper chords for the songs built into the guitar or songs that mom or dad can have added for you.[More to follow…and here it comes!]I’ve had the guitar for a while now with much to report.Setup *can* be a royal pain. It installs Apple Quicktime on your Windows computer if it is not already there. When it is run for the first time under Win XP, an error message may be generated that the program cannot run because the file winusb.dll is missing. In that case you, can either download a copy from the Web or copy it from another computer that has it. The file should be placed in the directory C:Windowssystem32. (If downloading, please be careful if visiting an unfamiliar site because there are many sites that appear to offer free downloads in an attempt to get users to unsuspectingly download malware.)I found the software performed flawlessly once it was installed and recognized the guitar. The guitar’s overall sound can be can be set to one of 13 settings.* 12 string electric* acoustic* acoustic compressed* all your phases are belong to us* banjo* country (as close to a tele as a #20 plastic guitar can get!)* garage* jamcaster* nervous system* rectifier* robot revolution* sitar* superchunkThen, there are the songs. Some come with the application. There is also a long list of other songs that are PaperJamz Pro compatible. They can be purchased from iTunes, but they need not be if you already own them.As an experiment, I ripped Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” from his Greatest Hits CD. When I moved it to the library by drag-and-drop, the program recognized it as compatible. When I moved it to the guitar, it behaved like the songs that came with the guitar. Whenever I strummed the guitar, it played the proper chord!As another experiment, with great hopes, I loaded a song that wasn’t on the list. At first, I was disappointed that the program wasn’t fooled, but then I found that I could play my own chords along with the song. That is, in may ways it was no different from playing a real guitar tuned to an open tuning. This song was in the key of C, so placing my finger across the fingerboard just before the 8-th fret gave me a “C” chord, just before the 1-st fret gave me an “F”, and just before the 3-rd fret gave me a “G”.So, there are *three* ways the guitar can be used.* freestyle, playing your own notes or chords* strumming along to compatible songs without ever hearing a bad chord.* strumming along to songs that are not compatible where it’s your job to find the right chord.It might seem that there’s no real difference between the first and third way. If the guitar is in freestyle, you can play along with anything. But, having a song or two at the ready whenever you want it is a nice touch.As a guitar player, one thing that confused me initially was how to play minor chords. The user’s guide shows two circles, which I interpreted as…

fantasyphile "fantasyphile" says:

My Little Rock Star I bought this for my 6 year old daughter for Christmas. Normally, Christmas/Birthday presents I get her are a bust (the two events are close together for her, poor kid). This year I nailed it. This is the ONLY toy she consistently plays with after her massive December haul (large extended family). She easily changes songs, styles, volumes, and sings right along (I haven’t gotten around to loading on new songs). There is nothing sweeter than coming home and being serenaded by a custom song she strums out while singing (others might think it’s just noise, but a parent knows it’s “music”). Surprisingly sturdy and tough. And I swear playing the guitar and jamming out is converting her to a more outgoing personality. Highly recommend!

C. To says:

Wow, this exceeds my expectation. Ok, I was first having some trouble with the app not being able to detect the guitar. It was looking for some kinda driver and failed to install the driver. After dealing with some windows update, it turned out fine. you can import whatever song you want in it, and I immediately put Lynard Skylark’s Tuesdays Gone and AC/DC Highway to Hell in it. Basically the device has 3 slots, 4 minutes each. For songs that span more than 4 mintues it will take up 2 slots. Synced this up with the downloaded app to the guitar and ready to go!To get more “certified” songs that works with all the features of the guitar, the app redirects you to itunes to purchase the music. The app comes with a few stock ones.There is also an option to sync different guitar sound. I think around 9 styles are available (acoustic, acoustic compressed, garage, robot revolution, country, 12 string electric, “all your phase are belong to us”, and 2 more I forgot the names. I tried out a couple of them and the sound effect is pretty cool. But I wish you can just toggle the different sound effects on the guitar without using the windows app. Overall this Pro series is a great improvement. You can play single notes, slide, hammer, pull-off. yippee!

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