Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball (29.5-Inch)

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:18 pm by Reginald Dunbar

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball (29.5-Inch)

This ball features the same patented technologies that you find on the NCAA Official Game Ball.  A moisture absorbing cover is specially designed for indoor/outdoor play combined with Laid In Channels and our Cushion Core, make this ball a favorite of competitive players everywhere.

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Jeanette Fulton says:

good grip but slick over lettering If you are buying this ball because of the texture then just keep in mind that the area where the lettering is – like WILSON and NCAA are not textured like the rest of the ball. It is pretty slick and your fingers will slide over it.

MV says:

One of the best outdoor bballs The Wilson NCAA Replica 29.5″ on Amazon for $25 is the best deal going in my opinion. The covers have a great feel and are less slick than most. The downside is that these covers tend to wear out sooner than the “less grippy” covers of other manufacturers.

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