Wild Ex-girlfriends Exposed: The Sexy Footage You’re Not Supposed To See! Featuring 20 Wild & Crazy Girls

Pinned on August 18, 2013 at 10:11 am by Tristan Rodriguez

Wild Ex-girlfriends Exposed: The Sexy Footage You’re Not Supposed To See! Featuring 20 Wild & Crazy Girls

Wild Ex-girlfriends Exposed: The Footage You’re Not Supposed To See! Featuring 20 Wild & Crazy Girls.

This time the guys get even. A steamy raw collection of scenes featuring the girl-next-door. but lucky for you, each girl has a delightful naughty side behind closed doors. This is what happens when girls dump their boyfriend but forget to take all the “private” tapes with them.

From wild real-life girlfriends to the shy girl next door, we have all their dirty little secrets right here! You ll get the ultmate collection of raw uncensored footage of the wild teens that broke your hearts and the ones that are willing to do anything on camera.

This full length feature is the hottest collection of uncensored wild babes, banned myspace and photobucket pics and self shot videos of girlfriends, ex-girlfriends and their wild and willing BFF s.

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Kevin Theiss says:

Nice “Girl Next Door” Amateur Style Video. I liked the voyeuristic look of this video. It’s not on a porn video set, it’s the house next door.. or down the street.It’s mainly made up of girls who were home and filmed themselves or let someone film them doing “whatever”. The good news is that “whatever” always involved them being naked.They jam-packed the video with a lot of girls, a nice surprise from the usual 4-5 girls maximum you see in videos. Even though they are not on a movie set, they get down and dirty. If they don’t already, these girls can definitely have a career in adult entertainment. I really enjoyed this one. A different (but welcomed) approach that hopefully there will be more of down the line

NRage224 says:

Decent Web-Cam girl mastrabating videos First this is not ex girlfriend footage, it is in fact paid web-cam girls that still have that nice “real girl” look. Not a bunch of pros, thank goodness, and the video quality is definity great. I would compare the video image quality to a Flip mino HD. Mostly this is a series of web cam girls mastrabating, or giving hand service to a lucky guy. Toys are the only thing entering anyplace, a dissapointment to me, but all the girls are nice, real, next door type of girls. Like the kind you see in the mall and fanasize about later when you are with your actual girlfriend. Both my girlfriends enjoyed this video, and has even given them interesting ideas about making our own movies. guys if you are looking to see some GFrevenge, this is not for you, but if you like nice clean girls being naughty and real, you should get this. I would also suggest this as a “starter” video if you are trying to get your girl to watch porn, and honestly what guy doesn’t want his girl to watch porn?

n8vhawn808 says:

cr*p this was the most disappointing film, don’t bother even looking at buying not worth the disc its printed on. trust me.

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