Wii SureShot Rifle

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Wii SureShot Rifle

Finally a realistic, surefire accessory that brings even more fun to Wii¿ shooting games. The Wii¿ Sure Shot controller accessory gives you realistic shooting action. To operate, place the Wii Remote in the top cradle of the gun and the Wii Nunchuk in its outer stock. After attaching the controllers, manage the wires by using the cable slot and close the top covers. On the sides of the magazine loading port are buttons marked C and Z that allow you to simultaneously press the corresponding buttons on the Wii Nunchuk. Pull the trigger and you¿ll press the B button located under the Wii Remote. Just insert your Wii Remote¿ and Nunchuk and you are ready to do battle

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Daniel Aliberte says:

Fan-freakin-tastic! The rifle is fantastic. I read in other reviews people had trouble with the nunchuk cable insertion, the rifle was heavy after a while, and their finger got tired from playing with it.I have NO idea how someone had trouble inserting the cable. In the box there was a step by step process, illustrated, on putting the controller and nunchuk into the rifle. This took a second and was easy. If at first you don’t succeed then try try again.Secondly, I’d never admit to getting tired from holding this rifle. I read a review where someone got tired… I considered the source of this review and bought the rifle anyway. THIS IS THE WII, not Xbox 360. The whole point of the game play for the Wii is to be active and get off your butt. I used this rifle for 3 straight days without tiring once. If you play video games to the point of exertion you might have a problem. LOLThirdly, a reviewer said their finger got tired from pulling the trigger. If this happens then I think you’ve played waaaay too long and you have zero muscle tone. This person must be bedridden.In conclusion, the rifle is great. It’s one drawback that I’ve found was that the rear sight doesn’t align with the front sight. Oh well, just as long as you get the rifle against your shoulder so as the video targeting reticle lines up with the front sight you’ll be a sharp shooter without a doubt. I bought the zapper and played link’s crossbow game with the rifle and my game improved by 100%. I’m going to by more for my family.

Jeff Panchetta "Wii-Man" says:

Worth The Money I purchased the Sure Shot last week to play with the COD Modern Warfare Reflex. Besides getting use to the new control setup, (ie. using your right thumb to move the character as apposed to your left thumb) The gun is amazing and built solidly. Probably the most realistic war action you can get in your house. The gun also works fantastic with other arcade style games like Ghost Squad and most any hunting games. That sure saves on going to the bar with the boys to fork 10 bucks into buck hunter.The only downfall of the gun is that if your not in top shape, myself included, you may find that you can not play games for hours on end, but really who cares? if you have to stop playing because you are tired instead of bored thats a bonus.

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