Weigh Masters ProChef Kitchen Scale (Black)

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Weigh Masters ProChef Kitchen Scale (Black)

Weigh Masters® -Our name says it all! When you need accurate measurements, you can trust Weigh Masters® to deliver! When it comes to measuring ingredients for your favorite recipe, or counting calories – it’s got to be exact – that where you can rely on the accuracy of the Weigh Masters® PRECISION+ ProChef Kitchen Scale. The Weigh Masters® PRECISION+ ProChef Kitchen Scale is the perfect choice for measuring ingredients, whether you’re a gourmet chef, or just cooking dinner at home – this scale will make this task so easy! The scale instantly computes the weight, and displays it on the large LCD screen. A quick glance is all it takes to keep moving along in your recipe prep. What makes this scale so convenient to use is TARE feature which allows you to take your empty container, plate, or bowl, put it on the scale – when the scale displays a reading, press the TARE button to return the scale to (0) ZERO, now add your ingredients into the bowl to get an accurate weight on just your ingredients. The UNIT button is another great feature, which allows you to change the measurement unit form pounds to ounces to grams to kilograms – all on the FLY! So no matter what unit of measurement your recipe calls for, you can keep moving along without figuring out unit conversions, it’s that simple! The extra large weighing platform offers ample room for large ingredients & containers.The scale design is sleek & compact – making it a great choice to either store it on the countertop, or neatly tuck it away in any cabinet. Just take a damp cloth & wipe away any mess, for a quick clean up! Included with the scales is an “It’s Easy To Eat Healthy! Free Nutrition Guide” that’s perfect for anyone watching their calorie intake. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, this easy-to-use guide will make calorie counting so quick & easy! Backed by a (10) TEN year warranty, this scale is sure to be your “kitchen buddy” for many years to come!

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Michele says:

Works perfect First kitchen scale so not sure what to compare to but it has been perfect so far. Lightweight, small, and accurate (and inexpensive too!)

Kim Kelly says:

Returned for refund. Wouldn’t hold a steady weight….ever. I needed to replace my kitchen/food scale, so when this model came up as an option (with a discounted price) , I purchased it. There were no prior reviews, but I took a chance. Upon receipt, I noticed that it felt rather light and inexpensively made. I then inserted the batteries which came with the scale and proceeded to try it out. The scale never worked properly from the start. I could never get it to hold a steady weight; even when nothing was on it, the indicator would jump back and forth from 0 to .5 oz. to .2 oz, back to 0….on and on. I tried zeroing out the scale and starting over with no success. After repeated failed attempts to get accurate readings, I boxed it up and returned it for a refund. I’ll pay a little more to get a product that works!

David Farrar says:

Works perfectly! I was concerened about this because of the price. I thought is might seem cheap when we used it but I was wrong. It’s great! It looks nice like a more expensive brand and it works every time. It’s easy to tare for the weight of your bowl and change the type of measurement. Just perfect.

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