Wand Essentials Wand Essentials Multi Speed Body Wand Massager

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Wand Essentials Wand Essentials Multi Speed Body Wand Massager

The Wand Essentials Multi-Speed Massager delivers powerful pleasure just the way you want it. It features fully adjustable vibration speeds, a flexible neck that bends with your body, and a soft head that feels velvety smooth against your skin. Also, the wand plugs right into the wall so there are no batteries to worry about. Measurements: 10 inch total length, 1.85 inch diameter massage head, 56 inch long control cord. Note: 110 US Volt power cord.

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M. Ford "Miss. Maggie" says:

Save your money Hi everyone,This is my 1st review of any product so did a video review. I hope it helps you make the best choice. I had to give it a one star which was mandatory I tried with none but did not work. So keep that in mind as well.Miss. Maggie

Knotty Witch says:

A worthwhile investment. This is actually the first corded “personal massage” item I’ve purchased, so I can’t say first hand how it measures up to any of the other similar products.What I can say is that, without a doubt, it performs better than its battery-powered counter-parts. The variety of motor speeds is far more distinct, with the top end packing more power than anything running on batteries could ever hope to muster!Is it perfect? I think it could stand to have a longer power cord on it. Not that the cord is annoyingly short, it just would be more convenient to have another 1-2 feet of length.Overall, I’m quite happy with it.

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