Wagner Power Products 503008 HT 1000 1,200-watt Heat Gun

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Wagner Power Products 503008 HT 1000 1,200-watt Heat Gun

Great for removing paint, loosening floor tiles, thawing frozen pipes, and busting rusted bolts, this 1,200-watt heat gun performs numerous projects around the house or shop. The ideal, general purpose heat gun suitable for a majority of heating applications, this unit features two temperature settings for a wide variety of applications. This a lower 750-degree F setting is great for thawing pipes slowly, defrosting freezers and more. The 1,000-degree setting strips paint from furniture, loosens rusted bolts and nuts, and makes it easy to shape plastic piping for plumbing to name a few. With 4,100 Btu’s those temperatures apply to larger work surfaces farther away from the unit, too. Just plug the gun into any household outlet, turn it on, and select the appropriate temperature to restore furniture, strip funky-colored kitchen cabinets, or remove paint from hard-to-sand wood trim. The gun is also great for heating up plastic film to insulate drafty windows, defrosting freezers, drying plaster, forming and bending plastic pipe, and more! –Brian D. Olson

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Amazon Addict says:

Works Great For Shrink Wrap I purchased this heat gun for shrink wrapping. I was worried it might be too powerful, but using this gun on the “low” setting seems to provide the perfect amount of heat for shrink wrap. It seems like it’s a great quality gun and should last a long time.

J. Hagen says:

Perfect for fixing xBox 360 RROD I have used this heat gun to fix countless xBox 360’s. Dissassemble, pull the heat clamps, clean off the old thermal paste, and evenly apply heat to the CPU and GPU for 15 minutes. Repeat after at least an hour cooling, let cool again, reassemble. No more RROD!For this reason alone, well worth the price of admission.

Seb says:

PS3 Fixed! Cheap. I think it gets to temperature. I used it to fix a 60GB PS3. So if you’re in the same predicament as I was. I highly suggest using this product. You need to follow gilksy’s guide, found on Youtube, and you need to keep the gun about half an inch from the parts that’s what I did to fix the PS3.

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