VVME V01 LED HDMI Projector 1080p HD Compatible (Native VGA 640 x 480) For Home Cinema, Movie, Video Games

Pinned on August 27, 2013 at 3:20 pm by Malcom Richards

VVME V01 LED HDMI Projector 1080p HD Compatible (Native VGA 640 x 480) For Home Cinema, Movie, Video Games

Great cost/performance ratio for home cinema and video game (PS2, PS3, Xbox, wii, etc.) purposes.

Features remote control, VGA cable for PC or laptops, multiple connections includes HDMI, VGA, composite and component videos.

5″ single LCD and upgraded LED lamp with 20,000 hours average lamp life.

USB hard drive support that let’s you play videos and view pics on your USB hard drive directly.

Supports VCR, DVD player, digital TV, computer, keystone correction, image reverse, built-in speakers and more.

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A. Case says:

Decent for the price What a great projector, if only it worked like I wanted it to! For the $350 bucks, it exceeded my expectations. You get a spare bulb (yes, this seller supplies a spare bulb too), 3 cables, remote, lens tissue and a hilariously translated manual. The internal speaker was better than I expected, and the picture looks pretty darn good.The rub is, it has no zoom, a feature I thought standard and crucial to a projector. The only way to change the size of the picture is to move the projector closer or further from the screen. For this reason, I am planning on returning it. If I had a bigger wall or only used it occasionally, that probably wouldn’t be a big deal. The manual keystone correction is also a bit funny. Alas! if only it had a zoom!

S. Adams "Mz Mama" says:

Skeptical at first, but satisfied. I purchased the projector for my son’s birthday party sleepover. We wanted to have his guest play the Wii outside on the garage door. The delivery was FAST. Set up was easy. The day of the party, I just knew something would go wrong with it……but it didn’t. The graphics are awesome in the dark. The input for sound is standard. When you increase the volume too high you hear a humming sound. That problem is fixable. My husband plugged in a speaker that we had in the basement and the kids went wild with the sound and graphics. The projector is compatible with our Wii, PS3, and dvd player. We don’t have the Xbox 360 so I don’t know how well it would work with that system. Overall I was a bit skeptical, but we are throughly satisfied with the projector.

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