VM Audio EXMS550T 700W 5.1 Home Multi Media Surround Sound Speakers System USB

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VM Audio EXMS550T 700W 5.1 Home Multi Media Surround Sound Speakers System USB

This VM Audio 5.1 Multimedia System offers 220 watts RMS of amazing, crystal-clear audio. This fully-powered multimedia system features a two-channel stereo or six-channel surround mode so you can customize your audio experience, and its plug-and-play system and its independently-powered speaker and subwoofer mean this multimedia system is ready to go, right out of the box.

Its decorative, black high-gloss satellite and bass module enclosed finish will make this multimedia system looks great in almost any room. This VM Audio 5.1 multimedia system offers a 35Hz-20kHz frequency response system, and it comes with RCA-to-3.5mm cables an RCA adapter cable and an infrared wireless remote.

Satellite Speaker: 5.9″ H x 3.7″ W
Woofer Cabinet: 12.2″ H x 6.49″ W
Remote: 6.2″ H x 1.7″ W

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matt says:

suprising sound in a small package when i received the product i unboxed it and looked everything over, the control cabinet has a very nice finish on it and the controls on the face respond to very slight inputs, the satellite speakers all come pre-wired with a RCA style plug and a length of wire, and the remote works quite well. a small instruction book/foldout is included that contains a quick start guide as well as a description of the controls on the remote. setting up the unit was fairly straightforward, each speaker has its own plug on the back of the control unit. there are 2 available inputs for the system, a 3.5mm headphone jack to RCA, and a set of RCA’s for each channel(if your audio source has audio outputs for 5.1 surround). simply plug the speakers into the control unit, place the speakers, and choose an input type, and you are ready to go.the first test i did was to plug in only the Left and Right front speakers and set the unit in 2.1 mode using the remote, i chose to use the 3.5MM headphone jack to RCA input for this part of the test. i played some music from my phone and listened to different types of music for about an hour. output was impressive considering the size of the speakers, and the sub-woofer packed quite a punch. just for fun i plugged the rest of the speakers in and put the unit in 5.1 mode. since i was using a 2.1 audio source i wasn’t expecting much, but i was pleasantly surprised. the unit blended the front channels well and even did a good job providing a surround sound effect using the rear speakers. in 2.1 mode i hate to say it but it outperformed my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system that costs almost twice as much.the second test was a Transformers 1, 2, and 3 marathon using my Blue Ray player’s 5.1 outputs. i took a minute to arrange the speakers in my living room(i have wall mounts already installed) and set up the channel balance using the remote, then it was time to sit back and get ready for a 7 hour listening adventure. channel separation was fantastic for a unit in this price range, as was reproduction. explosions had a nice kick, machine gun fire was almost as good as being there, and you could hear individual shells hitting the ground with surprising clarity. speech was clear and defined, and higher frequencies were full instead of hollow like most units in this price range.now on to the not-so-good. the 3.5mm to RCA wire is quite short. it was not long enough to reach my receiver which is why i ended up using my cell phone. the included RCA’s were also too short for my receiver/tv arrangement. i already have an assortment of RCA’s so it was no problem for me, but for some a trip to the local electronics store may be necessary. the speakers are not labeled, but 2 of them have longer cords and those obviously go in the rear. unfortunately i had to use RCA joiners to make 3 of the 5 satellite speakers reach the control unit. my living room is fairly large so not everyone will have these problems. the speakers also do not come with mounts of any kind. with their small size they can fit just about anywhere, but for a proper listening experience you will most likely need some kind of mount.in my opinion this is a excellent system for the price. even if i had to go and buy the required cables and mounts to make it work in my application the unit would still cost less than the Klipsch system that it put to shame. having had the chance to review this product for free, i will most likely be purchasing one of VM Innovations’ products to replace my dying computer speakers and possibly adding a 5.1 system to my bedroom.

Anonymous says:

I really like the sound that the speakers put out but the cords leading to the speakers are a little small. It’s hard to have surround sound when you can’t get the speakers in he spots you would like.

Anonymous says:

I came toAmazon because the surround sound systems available in my area wwere too limited. The cheaper ones all came with either a dvd player or blue ray player as part of the package.I did not need another player. All the stand alone systems were over $500.00. I was replacing a Logitec system that was over ten years old and some of the speakers were no longer working. It had good bass but it did not produce a quality sound with my keyboard.The goodNice low price, Great sound!, Nice bass effects. Sounds just as nice whether I’m using my tv, keyboard, or ps3 (games and blue ray player. I like how the VM logo lights up, It matches my tv’s Toshiba logo. Comprehensive remote that gives you total control as you balance the sound from the speakers. Quick set up.The badTHe cords are short but can be extended with RCA extensions. There were no batteries included for the remote (takes two AAA). The slots for the speakers are red/white but all the speaker cords just had black heads.Not a real concern I guess since the speakers for the rear had longer cords and I suppose it does not really matter which of the others you use for center,front left and front right.The uglyNothing ugly about this system. It has a beautiful shiny gloss black finish with a nice sized red and white Led display.

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