VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

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VIZIO M401i-A3 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

The all-new M-Series 40″ (40.0″ diag.) Razor LED Smart TV has arrived with an ultra-modern design, brilliant picture quality, and a new, faster VIZIO Internet Apps Plus experience. Give any room an easy “designer home” makeover with the signature design of the M-Series, featuring an ultra-thin bezel that virtually vanishes next to the nearly edge-to-edge display. Enjoy stunning picture quality with the latest technology: Razor LED with Smart Dimming for vivid colors and deep contrast, Full HD 1080p and 120Hz effective refresh rate with backlight scanning for the sharpest possible picture. Now with the new, faster VIZIO Internet Apps Plus Smart TV experience, get connected with built-in Wi-Fi to the latest hit movies, TV shows, music and more from favorites like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-Go, HuluPlus, and Pandora. VIZIO M-Series: It’s the must-have entertainment upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

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Go Huskers "Husker Power" says:

VIZIO M651d-A2R 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED HDTV Went to Best Buy the other day to check out this new Vizio tv on display. The salesmen wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing the picture was on the new Sony 4K tv they had on display. The guy then proceeded to show me the images on the Sony provided USB drive and how much better this Sony could show the images than the Samsung across from it which he said was in his opinion one of the next best tv’s out there. The images showed the tv’s ability to display different colors as well as the ability to distinguish between different grays ranging from white to black. Also it’s ability to display different Reds on an image similar to a vision test for color blindness.On each of these images the samsung struggled and couldn’t display differences for about 1/3 of the color and gray bars. The Sonly 4K could. Then on the color blindness image it couldn’t display a discernible image at all. It wasn’t even visible.I said “ok, well I’m really interested in this new Vizio, can you show me how it performs on the same test?” “Sure, but it probably won’t do to well” the salesman said. They hadn’t had a chance to really mess with it yet.He ran through all the same images and to his amazement, every single image looked almost identical to the Sony 4K’s image. His reaction was total astonishment, it was hilarious!! He couldn’t believe his eyes. I told him thanks, that test only proved you don’t have to spend crazy money to get an amazing picture!!These new Vizio’s are an amazing bang for the buck. In my opinion, anyone that spends their hard earned money on anything else just for a better known name is crazy.Hope this helps some of you that are still nervous about the Vizio name being an entry level type of tv as I was, they have really stepped up their game!!

Neaz Ahmed says:

Fantastic TV for the price! I don’t write many reviews so this will be short and to the point with some helpful info.I just received this TV using Costco (comes out to be same price after tax/shipping as Amazon, but you get 2nd year warranty free from Costco). The TV is packaged well and installation of the base was really simple.From reading the reviews here, I narrowed it down to this TV compared to similarly priced Samsung or LG. I’d like to say that maybe I got lucky (knock on wood) but the edge-light bleed is not so bad. After reading some forums about edge-light problems some people have had, I was expecting a nightmare. I went from a 32″ Philips LCD TV to this and I have to admit the Black level of the Vizio isn’t as dark (probably a byproduct of the edge-lighting). However, don’t be scared of Vizio because some people have had excessive edge-lighting issues. If your unit has a lot of this issue, then exchange it within the return period.Second, we all know that every TV now require some color tweaks. So I looked around and found this, which has worked amazing for me!Source: Settings:Settings:Calibrated DarkBacklight:50Brightness:52Contrast:73Color:53Tint:0Sharpness:20Color Temp:Normal (lowered both Red gain/Offset) white areas looked very pink otherwise.R/G:525G/G:472B/G:443R/Off:505G/Off:512B/Off:514Adv.Setting:Auto brightness:Off/High (works in reverse on this set) Example:Instead of the High setting being “Max” it actually dims it the least and “Low” practically turns the backlight off.Black detail:Off ( very aggressive Dynamic Con) crushed blacks on every settingSmart Dimming:OnReduced Noise:OffReduce Block:OffFilm Mode:AutoIf there is any further updates, I’ll do so here.

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