Vizari Astro Soccer Ball, Green(4)

Pinned on September 3, 2013 at 3:07 pm by Jason Olivo

Vizari Astro Soccer Ball, Green(4)

Unique graphics on a brightly colored eye catching ball. 32 panel MST ball. Butyl bladder for best air retention.

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Jim Melching says:

Favorite ball of my 8th grade Soccer team I coach the JV Soccer team at our school. This ball is their favorite and has lots of use. It is a little hard at first, but has softened up after about a week. Great Value!

Chris Taylor says:

I love it. This ball is well balanced and feels just like the more expensives balls. This ball has not lost any air.

Linda Kayleen Williams says:

Not made to play with for outdoor soccer Thought after reading good reviews this ball would work perfectly for my 7 year old daughter. After one 15-20 minute time period outside, the ball is already looking like it’s starting to come unstitched and has a few strings hanging. Very disappointed; have bought cheaper balls before at Shopko and Walmart that worked great. Just thought a pink ball would be fun but it’s made strictly just to look nice. Would probably do okay rolling around barefoot or with your hands indoors. Was a waste of money for us.

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