Village Naturals Therapy Muscle Relief Natural Lotion 16 fl oz

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Village Naturals Therapy Muscle Relief Natural Lotion 16 fl oz

Let Village Naturals TherapyTM Muscle Relief Lotion make a house call. Massage away muscle aches and pains while aromatherapy vapors help you feel better. Our deep penetrating therapeutic formula is enriched with vitamins and skin softening ingredients that will help improve skin circulation and appearance. Relax and feel your aches melt away with ingredients extracted from natural sources. This product has never been tested on animals and does not contain animal-derived ingredients. The Village Natural Therapy line includes Mineral Bath Soak, Liquid Mineral Bath, Mineral Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

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Splendor Road says:

Great for massage! I am a massage therapist and I cannot say enough about this product! I generally use jojoba oil but when massaging the feet I always apply this product. It has such a great smell and it softens while masking any foot odor. I do use it for its cooling effect on mild aches and pains when biofreeze would be overkill(It blends well on the body when used with jojoba). When applied to the bottom of a face cradle it can relieve the stuffy head effect from being face down. It can even be used VERY sparingly on the face. My clients love the wintergreen smell. 90.74% natural makes it a winner in my book any day!

Christina says:

Wonderful and refreshing! I just love this stuff! It has a great smell and a refreshing cooling effect that soothes aches and pains. I also really appreciate that it is 90.74% naturally derived. It does have a stronger smell than the ‘Tension Relief’ version of this lotion by Village Naturals, but I like it. It’s a wintergreen smell – like the breath mints. Or Pepto, kinda. But not a bad smell at all! I enjoy it.I am a massage therapist and also use this on my clients. They all love the smell and the gentle cooling effect. I use Tiger Balm for a more intense cooling effect.I highly recommend this product.

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