Urban-Muscle (New Edition – 317 Illustrated Pages): Build Your Dream Physique Quickly and Easily Without Drugs or Supplements

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Urban-Muscle (New Edition – 317 Illustrated Pages): Build Your Dream Physique Quickly and Easily Without Drugs or Supplements

Urban-Muscle by Daniel D. Hunter will change your perspective on bodybuilding, fitness and health forever and save you years of wasted time and thousands in wasted cash. Building the perfect body is EASY! You already hold the key in your hand, Urban-Muscle will show you how to unlock the door.

Urban-Muscle explains how to unleash an awesome, muscular, street-physique – like that of a Hollywood action star, a top athlete or a hip-hop artist – guaranteed to make you look and feel great, all without the use of drugs or supplements.

Top sports journalist and lifelong fitness and bodybuilding fanatic Daniel D. Hunter shows you in detail how you can build the kind of physique you dream about, breaking down the exact combination of weight training, aerobic exercise and diet that is needed to achieve your goals.

Thought you knew the secrets to looking great? Think again! Until you read this book, you will never know just how EASY it is to have the kind of body you have always wanted!

(Please note: This is an extensive update of Urban-Muscle, and contains 317 pages, not 140 as listed below)


Pjepic says:

Great read and well worth the price tag! Found the book very helpful and will be putting to use these techniques. This guide get’s straight to the point and cuts out all the fluff. Great for beginners or veterans alike. Highly recommended for anyone looking to build muscle and get fit.

krysti pryde says:

To the point. I do not understand the bad reviews on this book. It soars above other books with its price and the information that gets right to the point. If you’re just getting started with weight-lifting, or just trying to tone up in general, this book cuts the fat and gets to the point. We all know diet and exercise is what builds a great body, but this book gives easy, detailed descriptions on what to work-out and why. Easy to read and understand for anybody. Absolutely worth the price, and absolutely helpful. I am a female and this book has helped me, so ladies – don’t shy away if you’re looking for help getting your body toned! Fantastic!

Anonymous says:

I didnt like it at all, it just points out really obvious solutions without even explain it deeper, Dont buy it.

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