Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

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Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

In Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, fill the shoes of legendary characters from both the Marvel and Capcom Universes -including massively popular characters such as Ryu, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Morrigan, as well as fan favorites such as Trish from Devil May Cry and the wise-cracking Deadpool. They all come to you battle in a living comic book art style powered by Capcom’s MT Framework. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 prepares to take the battle to all-new heights in a updated version of the original hit fighting game Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. With brand new iconic characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes – now with 48 characters on the disc – a refined fighting system and new modes, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 continues the Capcom fighting game legacy.

The Marvel and Capcom universes collide once again in this Ultimate installment of the popular fighting franchise. With new fighters, epic new modes and rebalanced gameplay, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 asks only one question — are you ready for the Ultimate fighting experience?

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Unleash incredible attacks

Unleash incredible attacks
12 New Fighters

12 New Fighters
New Spectator mode

New Spectator mode


Unleash incredible attacks on your enemies when you fight as one of the original 38 characters or as any of the 12 new legends, including Capcom’s Strider and Firebrand and Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Hawkeye. Jump right into the fray or take a lesson by watching in the new, fan-requested Spectator mode for the online experience. Eight new stages, extra surprises and more enhancements ensure Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be a fight you won’t forget.

Key Features:

  • Go to battle with the ultimate roster of 50 Capcom and Marvel heroes and villains, including every character from the original game and 12 new fighters
  • Fight as Capcom’s Strider and Firebrand, as well as Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Hawkeye
  • Explore eight new over-the-top stages that will put your fighting skills to the test
  • Newly rebalanced gameplay provides more depth and accessibility for both newcomers and experienced gamers
  • Enjoy new modes and enhancements, including the fan-requested Spectator mode during the online experience

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OshkoshWhale says:

Its nice although its upsetting I bought Marvel VS Capcom 3 when it first came out. And then not long afterwards I saw this game Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 available for pre-order. My first reaction is “WHAT?!?!?!” So it upset me, but because I’m a fanboy, I decided to get this game as well and sell the original Marvel VS Capcom 3. Playing this game I’m glad there are a lot of new additional character but I thought DLC (downloadable) charaters; Jill and Shuma Gorath will come for free. And I was wrong. So my final verdict: This game is still fun but in a way its also upsetting because of how Capcom (the maker of this game) rip us off. Lucky for people who didn’t bought the original game and buying this game instead.

Marco Cano Jr says:

Fun all around I’ve played quite a few fighting games and this is the very definition of “easy to play, hard to master”. There’s a simple mode which you can button mash and pull off combos. Normal mode isn’t that bad ether as long as you don’t button mash, just switch up the button combination and you’ll link up moves. Despite the intro friendly gameplay, as I said before, there is more to it then that. Hardcore fans of this game will quickly show you (Online or off if you know anybody). Characters are awesome and the graphics looks great. As long as you didn’t own the first MVC3, this is a good buy.

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