Twisted Gamer – Insidious MMO / FPS Gaming Mouse Pad, Soft Cloth with Rubber Grip.

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Twisted Gamer – Insidious MMO / FPS Gaming Mouse Pad, Soft Cloth with Rubber Grip.

The Insidious Gaming Mouse pad, from Twisted Gamer, is perfect example of research and development with hardcore and casual Gamers playing habits in mind. The Insidious features a soft smooth heavily textured cloth weave for maximum mouse control. The Insidious is also optimized for all mouse sensitivity settings and sensor types with a rubbery base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces. Combine all this with pixel-precise targeting and tracking. There is no way you won’t have the edge you need over other gamers. Rest your wrist on this bed of gaming perfection and relax while you earn XP or the kill count.

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Michael Lepore says:

So soft and comfey I have been playing WOW for the last five years with my plain old Logitech mouse and mouse pad, and I was quite happy in my ignorance. Then my Logitech crapped out on me so I had to get a new mouse. I bought the Sinister Arch from Twisted Gamer because it looked great and price was good. Turns out I had been missing out. Now having both a gaming mouse and pad feels amazing. I guess you can say I feel more like a hardcore PC gamer. The Smooth cloth feels great to rest your wrist on for long hours. I also like the size of the pad, never had to center my mouse. Highly recommend this mouse pad.

Gabriel J. Cordova says:

So so mouse pad It’s an ok mouse pad. Doesn’t stay put very well for casual gaming or even browsing the web. If you can spare a few extra dollars get a steelseries mouse pad, I did and have been much happier.

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