Travel Pouch Compact Security/ Hidden Money Waist Belt – 2 Pack + BONUS

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Travel Pouch Compact Security/ Hidden Money Waist Belt – 2 Pack + BONUS

TRAVEL POUCH BAG Can be used on your waist or attached to your bag. Great security item for travelers. Use it for Money, ID, Passport, Credit Cards and more! Designed to wear it under your clothes. Two Zipper Pockets, to secure valuables with a comfortable adjustable elastic strap. Made of Washable Material. Breathable Back Cloth. Measures: 11.5″ x 5″. If you are traveling this travel pouch is right for you, stop worrying about your valuables during your trip. Just wear this Travel Pouch and put your cash and documents inside!

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Gary A. Gardner says:

Good, not great These travel pouches work fairly well for their intended purpose. I would not count on them for long-term or repeated use. One of them quickly tore, near the strap, nearly all the way through. It remained useable for the remainder of our trip, but I wouldn’t want to rely on it again. My other complaint is that it is very warm; it is a fairly good-sized area of nonbreatheable (polyester) against your skin. If you are going somewhere hot, think carefully about it. I do not regret the purchase; they worked for the time we needed them for (a single trip).

AMW Traveler says:

Functionality with slight style While I was traveling around Italy it was advised of me to purchase a travel pouch to wear under my clothes to avoid pick pocketers. The item arrived promptly as described. I was traveling with a companion so I split the cost with her and we each had matching hidden purses. It does the trick, however, if you like to wear dresses such as myself you may want to rethink another money pouch for those days. I basically lived in my jean like skirt so it was barely visible and worked well. Just be careful how and when you reach into the pouch as to not accidentally show a stranger your underclothes.

Kristen C. Lynch says:

Excellent value! I needed a security pouch to go overseas recently & ran into this product. My sister has been overseas multiple times & had her own, but when she saw mine, she ditched hers because mine was better. Thank goodness this was a 2-for-1 deal! This pouch was roughly used for 10 days in a row – went hiking for miles, scrabbling up crags, as well as in cities. Having multiple compartments was a big win for us since there was room to organize everything we needed. Sometimes things got caught on the netting, but it wasn’t a big deal at all. This did not wear out, even after the rough usage, and the only gripe I had with it is it was HOT. The inside is a soft cotton material that was comfortable but we did sweat a lot into the pouch & our money got, um, wet. I can’t imagine anytihng plastered to my belly being not hot, however! This is definitely a WIN!

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