Tiny Love Classic Mobile

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Tiny Love Classic Mobile

Classic developmental mobile will enrich baby’s cognitive and emotional development. The baby will follow the intricate movements of sweet characters while listening to classical music. It has an unique 4 way movement, easily attaches to crib.With multidimensional movement and tranquil music, the TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile entertains your baby and encourages important developmental skills. The mobile features a cylinder with colorful animals and shapes dangling from black and white spirals. A music box offers continuous sounds for a soothing experience that engages the imagination.

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Classic Developmental Mobile
At a Glance:

Age/Weight Requirements:
Birth to 5 months+

Assembly Requirements:
3 C batteries (not included); to assemble, attach mobile arm to base and affix to crib

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TINY LOVE 7 Elements

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TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile

Entertains your baby and encourages important developmental skills.

TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile
TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile

Mobile with Four Types of Baby-Friendly Movement
The eye-catching Classic Developmental Mobile features four types of baby-friendly movement. Colorful shapes and three puppet-like animal friends, including a bunny, pony, and duck, dangle from the eye-catching black and white spirals. As the mobile spins, colorful beads slide down the arms, capturing your baby’s attention.

The interplay between the music and the mobile’s movement will fascinate and calm your baby, becoming a soothing and familiar part of the day. The Classic Developmental Mobile will also help babies focus on objects, strengthen their eye muscles, and develop spatial perception.

Soothing Music Box with Nature Sounds and Night Light
Built to play 20 minutes of continuous music, the Classic Developmental Mobile keeps babies entertained and soothed while they fall asleep or play in their cribs. The tunes include two classical melodies and one selection of nature sounds.

The music box at the base of the mobile attaches securely to most standard cribs with an easy-to-install knob. The music box features three buttons to switch between the songs, helping babies discover the cause and effect associated with hitting the buttons.

The smiling pony on the music box doubles as a glowing night light and can remain in place on the crib once the moving parts are removed.

About TINY LOVE: Quality Developmental Products
Trusted by parents worldwide, TINY LOVE creates toys and products for babies by pairing the latest breakthroughs in child development with quality materials and design. Each product is crafted after consultation with child development experts, quality assurance specialists, and parents. TINY LOVE is passionate about providing parents and caregivers with resources to better a child’s early development. For example, the TINY LOVE Developmental Center, a virtual space to share knowledge about child development. TINY LOVE’s 7 Elements System categorizes the specific facets of a baby’s development that is at the heart of each TINY LOVE product.

Committed to excellence, all of TINY LOVE’s products meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the European EN-71 (CE) standards.

What’s in the Box
TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile, music box, and instruction guide.

TINY LOVE Classic Developmental Mobile

Product Features


A. Kunkel says:

What happened, Tiny Love?? I first purchased a Symphony in Motion mobile in 2003. We loved that one! It was so cute, the colors were fun and it kept my daughter’s attention for a good, long time. So when #3 came along, I didn’t even think twice about getting this new model. What a disappointment. The painted parts are fuzzy, the plastic is cheap and the fabric is of a lower quality than what you’d find on that county fair animal you won. The colors and design of this newer model are not as appealing to me either. Sort of gaudy and dated. But worst of all was the fact that the motor is so noisy. You can barely hear the music over the grind of the motor. I actually exchanged the first mobile I bought thinking I must have a bad one. When the second one had the same problem, I’m assumed it was just the poor quality of this mobile. At least the exchange process through Amazon was smooth and customer friendly. I mean really, Tiny Love, what a disappointment. Too bad the quality had to suffer while the price never changed.

A. Fontenot "Andrell" says:

MOBILE ATTACHMENT IS SHORT DO NOT buy this mobile if the railing on your crib is over 2 1/2 inches. Referring to the the railing that runs horizontal, not vertical.It will not fit your crib. after 3 weeks of calling the company, I finally get someone on the phone who tells me they do NOT make replacement attachments.Do not waste your time & money!

MHz "Amazon Adventurer" says:

This product and this company are outstanding I’ve had this toy (with slightly different animals) through three children. I bought it in 2003. The toy itself is wonderful with pleasing music and great visuals. Better than that, though, is the company. After storing the toy for almost a year, I took it out for baby #2. The crankshaft didn’t work. I called the company and they sent me a whole new top unit for free. I couldn’t believe it. It worked without problem through baby #2 and #3.

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