Theater Solutions TS511 5.1 Multimedia Powered Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System

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Theater Solutions TS511 5.1 Multimedia Powered Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System


New 5.1 / 2.1 Switchable Home Theater Multimedia Speaker System
Power Rating: 500 Watts RMS System Power
Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20KHz
Distinctive Design: Features high tech design to dampen distortion and deliver crisp clear response
Additional Features: Pro Logic function for incredible Surround Sound, Stand By function, Infa-red remote sensor lamp
Remote Control: At your fingertips separate volume controls for Sub, Center, Rear and Front
Easy Set-up
Magnetically shielded system
Subwoofer Speaker: 1pc
Satellite Speakers: 5pcs
Audio Cable: 1 pc 3.5mm (headphone) jack to RCA jack
Audio Cable: 3 pcs RCA jack to RCA jack
Remote Control
User Manual
This Listing and Price is for 1 Complete System

Theater Solutions TS511 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System is a compact, high-definition 5.1 home theater system that’s simple to set up and use. The TS511 features a Pro Logic channel switch to integrate all your Dolby Surround formatted movies, music and games and deliver a true surround experience. The Speaker system consists of five speakers – left, center and right front channels with two rear surrounds – and one powered subwoofer. All five speakers in this home theater are identical, creating a seamless blend of sound and style. Inside each modern, high-gloss black enclosure, you’ll find durable, high-quality components that will provide superior performances for years to come. Each speaker is magnetically shielded – so it won’t interfere with your TV picture – and can be positioned vertically or horizontally next to your HDTV or other type of flat-panel.


Frank "bass" says:

Its better than a lot expensives These speakers are something incredible. They re much better than many more expensive speakers in the market.Pros:* Clear sound, powerful, with good definition.* You can set the speaker volume independently.* Remote Control.* 5.1 + RCA inputs + Auxiliar input (Left and Right)* The speakers do not distort.* A powerful subwoofer with very good low.Cons:* Short cord (the cable from the speakers left, right and center are not more than 5 feet and the back of no more than 7′).* Does not have Coaxial or Optical input for receiving a digital signal.This is an excellent speakers systems. I have it installed on a 28 mts2 family room and the sound is really big. The subwoofer make vibrate the glass accessories of the room. It has more quality than many of the most expensive equipment on the market. Now, I have to buy a signal converter stereo to 5.1 surround to get you maximum advantage of this set of speakersAnyone would think that a set of speakers with 18lbs (small speakers, small magnets) can not be so much quality but is the opposite. I recommend this product for its sound quality, power and clear sound.

cessnagirl says:

Surround sound review I bought this surround sound to go with the new flat screen TV I bought for my husband for Christmas. We put this in our finished room in the basement. We had been planning on this ever since we bought this house three years ago. When I hooked up this surround sound, which was very easy to do because all the cords were there, I turned on the television and followed the directions that came with the surround sound and it was unbelievable. One of the things I liked about it the most was the fact that you could change the volume on the speakers independently which I couldn’t do on my system upstairs. The other thing I liked was the way you could change where the sound came from ( front, rear, or everwhere ). I guess the only drawback that I really found with the system was with the speakes that go behind your head, not because there was anything wrong with them, but they just do not have enough speaker wire to really go anywhere, if they had more wire so you could hand them up or at least run them across the room then it would be a lot better. That was truly the only negative thing I have found with the system. If you are looking for a really good surround sound at a really good price this is the one to get.cessnagirl

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