The Soccer Book, Revised Edition

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The Soccer Book, Revised Edition

Whether you want to bend it like Beckham or dribble like Ronaldinho, The Soccer Book is the ultimate visual guide-revised and updated with the results of the World Cup 2010-to soccer skills, rules, tactics, and coaching, illustrating every aspect of every variant of the sport more clearly, and in more detail, than any other book has done before.


J. Derick Kohler "Real Sanjuro" says:

Perfect To me, it served as a perfect introduction to the world of Association Football. I played locally when I was younger and had watched the World Cup twice when I bought this last year. It was the, for lack of any better word, perfect introduction. It has a fundamental section in the beginning with a brief history and explanation of the culture, followed by an outline of what the different types of positions (i.e. defenders, midfielders, etc.) do on the pitch and the kinds of players (i.e. poachers, sweepers, etc.) they can be in those areas. They explain the functions and practices of teamwork, various individual and personal skills the athletes have. Then my favourite section is next: “Planet Soccer” in which each country is given a profile containing: the history of the sport in that country, some of the important moments in the national team’s history, and then some detailed information regarding that nation’s top teams (Manchester United, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, Santos, Flamengo, River Plate, Hearts of Oak, DC United, etc. to give an idea of the teams and continents we’re talking about). Lastly, they explain the major competitions, for clubs and countries, including a brief summary of every World Cup.I have to say, this is one of the most frequently consulted books I owned as a new soccer fan and I still stumble upon occasions to use it sometimes still.I’d say it was a perfect job 😀

Philip Looney says:

Great Book For Beginners I got hooked on soccer this past summer with the World Cup, and have been a fan since. So far, this has been the best book I’ve found for new fans. It’s information is presented in a very basic way, but enough information is given so that you have a foundation to better understand tactics, individual skills, and overall soccer culture.

IcarusPassion says:

Great Book If you’re new to soccer, I can’t imagine a better book. Applicable to players and fans alike, it covers every possible aspect of the game.Of course, by covering such a broad set of subject matter, nothing is described in a whole lot of detail. But the detail provided is surprisingly complete.I bought this book on a whim and I think I couldn’t been more surprised or happy with the purchase.

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