The Isometric Exercise Bible: A Workout Routine For Everyone

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The Isometric Exercise Bible: A Workout Routine For Everyone

Learn How Isometric Exercises Can Help You Build Your Physique – Without Moving A Muscle

No matter what your age or current fitness level, isometric exercises can help you build the body of your dreams. This exercise system uses the principle of the isometric contraction in order to build your muscles quickly and efficiently. Traditional exercises such as weightlifting force you to perform boring repetitions in order to break your muscles down and stimulate growth. Done properly, the isometric contraction allows you to accomplish the same thing in 7 seconds.  If you are a man isometrics can help you build greater muscle size and definition. If you are a lady isometrics can help you build that healthy, feminine “Fit N Sexy” look that so many women desire. If you are an older man or women isometrics can help you get back in shape while turning back the clock. The benefits of this exercise system include:

If you are interested in getting in the best shape of your life, order The Isometrics Bible today.


M. Fleming says:

Awesome book! This book is probably the best resource on isometric exercises that I have seen. If you want to get in shape and try exercises that you can do anywhere and without any special equipment then look no further. The exercises are wonderfully explained and will make you want to start exercising immediately. The author has done his research and presents the material in a highly readable and well crafted way, unlocking all the secrets of isometric exercise. Many different exercises are covered and explained very clearly.This book will be highly valuable to anyone looking to get started and dive into intricacies of isometric exercises. Highly recommended!

Alan Taylor says:

Still Amazed. I tried “The Isometric Exercise Bible” as a download to my Kindle. After one week of daily exercising, I saw noticeable results. After two weeks I had dropped an inch off my waist, and could see more definition in my shoulders, biceps,and chest. My wife, kids, and teenaged grandkids could also tell I was making remarkable physical improvements. After three weeks, I ordered four hardcopies to pass around to the rest of the family. I’m still questioning how quickly and how well the program works, but it does. I have tried one of those super-duper, expensive “get in shape” programs from TV advertisements, and actually made it through its 90-day program one time (it actually took me closer to 120 days). Unfortunately I experienced injuries from overtraining and really got burnt out on subsequent attempts. With isometrics, you can’t overtrain, because you are pushing and pulling against your own body. If this secret gets out, there are going to be a lot of gyms, trainers, and TV exercise hucksters that are going to go out of business. By the way, I’m 63 years old and I’m loving the way I’m feeling. I am recommending this exercise program to all my family and friends, regardless of age.

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