The Holy Grail Forex Trading System ( Foreign Exchange Day Trading ): This was the ultimate financial currency daytrading strategy

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The Holy Grail Forex Trading System ( Foreign Exchange Day Trading ): This was the ultimate financial currency daytrading strategy

The Most Revealing Forex Book Of 2013

The true story of a 100% mechanical automated forex trading system that returned over 1000% inside 13 months turning 10,000 GBP to over 100,000 GBP

In 2005 I discovered what I believed was the ultimate financial trading system using the foreign exchange market ( known as the Forex market )

To be the ultimate ‘Holy Grail’ foreign exchange trading system it would have the ability to automatically trade and have zero discretion with no technical analysis or reliance on technical indicators. In short, a 100% mechanical trading system in which the person using it does not matter, the result will be the same.

It would be a currency trading system that takes away the problems of trading psychology. It does not care if you are having a bad day, are on holiday, or if you have had an argument with your partner in the last hour. The trading entries, exits, trailing stops and risk management must have no user input whatsoever. All the user has to do is switch it on and wait.

The trading forums of the internet are full of people searching for this ultimate trading system.  Thousands of traders every day search, test and simulate for hours using forex analysis looking for this ‘golden egg’ laying goose.  Most believe that such a trading strategy does not exist nor ever has.  This book is here to prove to you that such a trading system did exist and was discovered by a few home based forex traders just like you.

It can be found again.

Here is our question to you.

“What would you do if you found such a simple day trading system?” One that worked month after month? One that had proved itself not just for weeks or months, but for years?

Not only does this trading book tell the story of how the trading system was built, it also gives you the full trading system and strategy, for the very first time.

The actual Forex trading methodology has remained a closely guarded secret for over 10 years! For the first time ever nothing is held back,

Fully Disclosed…

Could you be the next trader to find a Holy Grail system?  The clues are all here.

You Will Discover…

Their very personal story unfolds within these pages, step by step and month by month, demonstrating how their discovery changed them forever. With full disclosure for the very first time this book shows every trade, every change, every high and every low of a Forex trading system called simply ‘Grail’

Who Should Buy This Book?

“An essential read for any student of the financial markets and a great insight into Forex trading” Mike – UK

“What can I say – a superb story encompassing greed, ambition, analytical thinking and sheer chutzpah. The lessons to be learned here are invaluable” Simon – UK

Trading Forex (foreign exchange) on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment
objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.


M Weston "Mark" says:

Must read for forex traders This follows the real-life story of a group of talented forex traders who thought they had come up with the perfect trading system. However, while this book outlines what the system actually is, the true value to a trader looking to win is far more than that – it’s about the mindset that you really need to succeed.This is a very exciting read which I couldn’t put down. The value to anyone trading the markets is immense.

RFY says:

A+ A fascinating look into the lives and world of a group of traders who decided to develop a system of trading that would be a major game changer. It’s in diary form, and you’re literally following along as these four guys put their system (the Million Pound Grail Experiment) into play.For the Americans in the crowd you might want to bone up on your understanding of how pounds and quid translates to US dollars before you start reading. The pounds I could translate in my head, but quid had me a bit stymied. Though this is more of a “how and what we did” than a DIY book, I learned a ton of information on trading with Forex. I also enjoyed watching the journey the group takes, the successes and failures, and the excitement and expectation they experience.

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