The Harvest: A Simple, Step by Step Strategy for Making $300 Per Week Trading the Foreign Exchange

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The Harvest: A Simple, Step by Step Strategy for Making $300 Per Week Trading the Foreign Exchange

Most people believe that it is our natural right as human beings to benefit from our hard work. In days past, farmers would till the soil, sew the seed, wait for rain, weed and tend their crops and then late in the fall when the time was just right, harvest what was hopefully a bountiful crop.

Believe it or not the Foreign Exchange, as with any market, can operate the same way. If we prepare correctly, sew properly, tend our crops and then harvest in a timely fashion, every week we can enjoy a small bounty of what has become an almost four trillion dollar a day currency market.


AB10 says:

Trading Forex The kindle edition costs about 1$. So you cannot lose much when you buy these 16 pages. You will get a simple system (ADX and moving averages). All in all it is rather disappointing, because it is somewhat vague about entries and exits and does not provide serious information about the system. But what can you ask for $1? People say you get what you pay for and that seems to be correct in this case.

Phil @ Showplace says:

Simplicity is Best Yes, this is a very short book. It is actually more of a pamphlet. But don’t be fooled by the lack of verbage. In the heat of the battle, simplicity is good. The author presents a method based on sound principles – identifying and trading with a trend in it’s early stages, favorable risk:reward ratio, conservative money management. For those totally new to trading, you will find very detailed step by step directions to set up a free demo account and build your charts to match the author’s. If you are more experienced and are just looking for a fresh idea, you’ll find that too.Be aware that the method presented is just a stepping stone to developing your own unique method. The author is upfront about that and he’s right. Don’t be discouraged by this, it’s just the way it is. If you are looking to become a clone of another successful trader, let me save you a lot of time and heartache by advising you to forget it. So whether you buy this little pamphlet or go with a 300,000 word treatise either way it will still be up to you to make it your own.Cons – The book does have several typos. I got a chuckle out of the repeated reference to “sewing” a crop. Also, there are a few ideas that were unclear, at least to me. But despite this, I am giving 5 stars for the followup support from the author. I emailed him for further explanation on a few things, and I had a very detailed response within minutes. That was unexpected but nice.

Peter Belden says:

Great introduction Great introduction to FOREX trading, especially for newcomers. The book is short, but worth the money charged. The only issue I have with this book is a lack of explanation as to WHY some of the indicators work. The author provides a good insight into when to trade but never explains why you should trade at that period in time.

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