The Harem – Part 1

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The Harem – Part 1

Capt. Zack Andros is a space schooner pilot, transporting rare cargo to galactic ports. A malfunction forces him to make an emergency landing on an uninhabited planet. He discovers that the planet is anything but deserted and that a harem of hot chicks is counting on him for survival. Will Capt. Zack’s cock rise to the challenge of fertilizing them all?


DannyM98712 "Writer" says:

Well written, but not my favorite This was a well written book, but not my favorite. I did feel that it deserved five stars, and I certainly don’t regret my purchase; however, I would suggest you also check out something like .

Marissa Ellis says:

Interesting I read it to try something different from my normal romance novels but was disappointed. It was just too weird for my taste.

Anonymous says:

Just love the elixr and wait till they jingle oooh You gotta love this one for hot sex and great tits

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