The Game Plan [Blu-ray]

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The Game Plan [Blu-ray]

THE GAME PLAN tells the story of rugged superstar quarterback Joe Kingman (DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON), whose Boston-based team is chasing a championship. A serial bachelor, Kingman is living the ultimate fantasy: he’s rich, famous and the life of the part”When you look at me, what do you see?” pontificates football star Joe Kingman, then provides the answer: “Greatness.” Well, clearly an ego like that needs to be brought down to size–pint-size. The winning family comedy The Game Plan has a whole lot going for it, including star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who’s a natural comedic actor (and the camera loves him), and the young actress (Madison Pettis) who plays the daughter he didn’t know he had, Peyton. The plot doesn’t break much new ground, since many films have mined the territory of the self-indulgent child-adult who suddenly “inherits” a child (from Three Men and a Baby to Baby Boom to Big Daddy to Raising Helen). But thanks to the charismatic performance of Johnson, the film is winsome and uplifting. Johnson’s comic timing and straight-man face are spot-on, as is his warm chemistry with the sweet-faced Pettis. Also giving notable performances are the lovely Roselyn Sanchez as Peyton’s ballet teacher, and Kyra Sedgwick as Kingman’s hard-nosed agent who’s aghast at the appearance of an out-of-wedlock child. Children and adults both can enjoy the movie’s warm-and-fuzzy moral of making family where you find it–or where it finds you. —A.T. Hurley


Steven Hedge "Movie Fan" says:

A solid plan for family entertainment. Having grown rather tired of this fall’s onslaught of violent R-rated films, this movie is a welcome change and it’s better than you might think.Of course, there is nothing original about this film. We have another action actor who wants to prove he is something more than that. We’ve experienced this when Arnold went from to being a , when Clint Eastwood quit being to become , and Vin Diesel gave up being to being . Now Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wants us to forget his action hero status for a more family friendly guy in “The Game Plan” by Disney.This film has all the traditional “fish out of water” cliches you can imagine and silly humor that is a staple in all Disney live action films; however, most are forgivable here. The “fish out of water” element is handled well-enough although very predictable. As the characters grow, it is also quite touching. I thought the humor was of the “hit and miss” variety. Miss: child lost in bubble bath. Hit: allergy to cinnamon. I have to say though in all fairness that the hits are hysterical and overshadow the misses (as annoying as they are).The plot is relatively simple in that a self-obsessed football hero is suddenly saddled with a child he never knew he had; however, and I won’t spoil it, there are some very interesting twists to this set up that are not as predictable as most of the other elements in this film. Most character in this film are stereotypes that don’t development and, quite frankly, don’t need to. It’s The Rock’s character that needs to grow and he does and does so in a surprisingly believable manner.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a better actor than he’s been given credit for being. I feel much the same way about Vin Diesel. Both of these current action stars have proven themselves in a number of films and with both now having ventured into family comedy, they are growing as actors. The Rock in this film is really quite a surprise in that we learn that not only can he hold a tune nicely, he does a pleasing take on Elvis’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, but he is also an accomplished enough actor to cry on cue. Yup, you read that right! It is not a digital effect; he actually cries on cue without a break or cutaway in the take to add fake tears. I was rather impressed with that.I was also impressed with the surprising comic performance turned in by Kyra Sedgwick (TV’s “). She isn’t over-the-top evil like Glenn Close in , but she is malicious and has a gift for delivering quick one-liners. She is completely enjoyable in her evil little role here.This light fare is a surprisingly better film than I expected and it’s #1 opening at the box-office suggests that I’m not alone in that evaluation. Take a break from the sex and violence currently splattering in our multiplex and go enjoy a film with your whole family that might move you more than you might expect it to.

K. Fontenot "Prairie Cajun Regenerated!" says:

The People’s Champion Becomes The Family’s Choice Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has had his fair share of battles in the wrestling ring. He was also a part of the Miami Hurricanes football team. He combines the giant ego of “The Rock” in WWE and his football skills to create Joe Kingman, a pro football player who’s got everything but a championship ring. He even has something that he doesn’t know he has–a daughter. On top of his game, his ego crashes hard when young Peyton (Madison Pettis) shows up at his front door. Never having any sort of responsibilities before, Kingman tries to juggle his football career, his high profile lifestyle and his new daughter. All the while his agent, a devilishly funny Kyra Sedgwick, tries to figure out if little Peyton is the real deal, or just another opportunist trying to get her hands on a piece of the Kingman pie. Will Kingman get his priorities straight, or will he succumb to the fast and easy lifestyle his lived for so long?Rosalyn Sanchez heads up a solid supporting cast of actors and actresses who you may not be familiar with (excepting Morris Chesnut, playing a solid father-figure teammate). The story is generic and highly unoriginal, but the solid performances of the entire cast and the wholesome, family-geared direction make this story more than worthy of four stars. Everybody, even the quasi-villain Sedgwick, is likeable. Johnson shows his singing chops that wrestling fans will already be familiar with. He also has that million-dollar smile that lights up the screen. Young Pettis steals most of her scenes, even though she could be accused of boosting the sugar content a bit too much at times. Johnson’s teammates are also enjoyable to watch on the screen. Their chemistry with Johnson, each other and with young Pettis is great.If you long for the days of sugary Disney live-action family features such as the original “Herbie” films and “The Apple Dumpling Gang,” “The Game Plan” is a welcome treat. It’s a rare family comedy that the entire family will enjoy. Highly recommended.

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