The Beer Journal

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The Beer Journal

The ultimate resource for beer drinkers—both connoisseurs and casual tasters alike.

The first ever tool to chart your journey through the landscape of handcrafted beers. Fully illustrated with over a hundred pages to record your tastings, The Beer Journal is perfect for traveling, to give as a gift to your favorite tasting partner, or to keep track of every unusual, delicious, and memorable beer that you find in pubs, at beer festivals, and on brewery tours. It also includes information on how to create your own beer cellar and how to develop and document your own beer pairings. 50 color illustrations


No one of consequence says:

A useful tool for the discerning beer drinker. As a lover of high quality craft beer, I was excited to buy The Beer Journal a few months back. It is at once a handy reference guide, a somewhat instructional book, and a way to keep track of new discoveries and experiences in the world of craft beer. The Beer Journal starts with a summary of brewing basics and includes a small glossary of related terms. Next comes a reference guide of about two dozen major beer styles, plus subcategories, each with a text description of the style (some of which could have been better written) and some “technical” characteristics such as SRM, IBU’s and ABV. Also included is a Standard Reference Model chart for gauging the color of different beers.After all the introductory stuff, we get to the heart of the Journal, which is about 90 pages to enter details, notes and other useful information about beers that the reader personally samples. At the beginning of this section is a checklist of all the different styles presented above so you can add page cross-references to your journal entries. After the main journal portion, there is a shorter section for beer festivals, and some tidbits on food pairings and glassware. Overall this is an extremely handy reference and a fun way to keep track of my beer tasting experiences. I use it in conjunction with “1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die”, which is also a highly recommended title.UPDATE 8/25/11: I have nearly filled up my 90 available pages for beer ratings, which means two things. First, I’m getting ready to order another of these fine journals. And second, I drink way too much beer (and I have the gut to prove it).UPDATE 11/17/12: Journal number 2 is nearly full, time to order a third copy. Absolutely loving this little book.

Carolyn Smagalski "Beer Fox" says:

Streamline your Journey into the World of Beer The Beer Journal, designed and written by Chris Wright of Monument, Colorado, USA, has been engineered as a well-thought-out tool for your streamlined journey into the world of craft beer. With the blessing of the Beer Judge Certification Program, he has printed the BJCP 2004 Style Guidelines in a concise format for easy reference while you are enjoying each beer style. He discusses glassware, pouring, festivals, cellaring, serving temperatures, brewery tours, and beer & food pairings in elementary terms, while providing pages for your own “captain’s log” along the way. More than 80 pages are provided for beer entries. He also provides organized pages for chronicles of your knowledge sources (websites and books that YOU find are personally helpful), festivals attended, and tours at breweries throughout the country or the world. When you are ready to create your own personal beer cellar, you can use the log provided to keep track of your vintage beers, as well as the differences in flavor as you uncork them over the years.If attending beer festivals opens your eyes to the wonders of beer, The Beer Journal will supplement your excitement. When you read your entries even two weeks later, you will be amazed at your own insightful comments. Anyone who is used to the joys of gourmet spices while cooking will find echoes of these aromatic flavors in the beer they drink. It is fun to note them and to discover your own ability to analyze beer, while enjoying the moment. With The Beer Journal, you will have a documented log of those that titillate, those that infuriate, and those that seem unfamiliar. As your experience increases, you may revisit the ones you have spurned, finding them to be more satisfying as your own personal growth expands.Chris Wright hit it “on the mark” with this eye-opener. Of course, if you just want to drink cold lawnmower beer that has no variety, you will have little need for this little gem. The Beer Journal is the insightful result of the realization that the average-Joe had no resource to help him keep track of what he has experienced in the world of beer. It is a supportive tool that will educate you easily and serve as a highly personal document as you broaden your horizons in the world of beer.

jg106514 says:

Great with The Beer Book I bought this for my boyfriend in conjunction with The Beer Book. He loved them! This has special spots to take tasting notes in addition to tips provided on what glass to drink what type of beer out of.

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