Teva Men’s Riva Leather Event Hiking Shoe,Bouillon,11 M

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Teva Men’s Riva Leather Event Hiking Shoe,Bouillon,11 M

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Ravi says:

Optimal combination of style and durability. [watch the video]I am a graduate student at Purdue and wanted a shoe that I can wear all the time on campus.I was looking for a shoe that can endure cold climate and at the same time doesn’t look very bulky like a winter boot.I found this shoe to be wonderfully styled and it has VIBRAM sole which is the best for durability and grip.The upper leather makes it look stylish and I wear it all day on campus with my jeans and other casual dress pants.I have used it for almost a week now and will update how this shoe holds this coming winter. If it holds its quality then I will be purchasing more of this and also update here.Update:It has been almost 10 months since I bought it and they have held up really well. They still look great and the sole looks almost new even after extensive use. I use it for day hikes, every day use and they are water repellent.I may have found my favorite shoe.

Mystery shopper says:

I love those Shoes I got my shoes today and it was love at first sight.I was a little worried about the size since most reviews say they are a size smaller than normal.So to play it safe i purchased mine a half size bigger.And guess what,they were a perfect fit.So i highly suggest you buy a half size bigger if you want a perfect fit.But don’t go more than one size bigger.Overall those shoes look and feel strong,so i’m happy with my purchase.

J. Wise says:

I like these shoes I bought these as my motorcycle shoes. They work great and are very comfortable. They are really durable and don’t scuff easily. I find myself getting rid of shoes so often before their time because the leather gets beaten up too quickly. No these though. They are going to be around for a long time.

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