Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product

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Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product

The TempTooth Method is a process that enables you to construct a temporary tooth that is inexpensive, realistic, durable, safe, and lasting. A temporary, easy, solution that will enable you to smile again until you can afford a more permanent tooth replacement.

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C. Wiley says:

Really Please with this Product! – Detailed description as to why… Ok, my husbands tooth fell out a week ago. He’s an acupuncturist and sees patients daily, and since it just HAD to be one of the front teeth, getting a tooth replacement was needed now! As we know, it costs around $1000 to get an implant or bridge done and we needed some time to get that together. I was actually Googling dental insurance plans when I came upon TempTooth. Emailed the link to the hubs; we discussed and eventually decided it was the way to go until we could get his tooth replaced next month.Here’s the truth about TempTooth: can you make a tooth in about 15 minutes? Absolutely! Will it LOOK like the actual tooth that needs replacement? Only if you have realistic expectations and want to put a little more effort into the process than the instructions say.The pluses about TempTooth is that you CAN have a temporary tooth until you able to afford the implant/bridge. For a medium-sized front tooth, it took about 12 of the beads. You want to start with less beads and possible add more if necessary because we found that once it hardens under the cold water process, it expands and becomes a little bigger and you can’t fit it in. Start with 10-12 beads and add some if necessary. It’s easy, just warm them along with the tooth you are forming; remold it againOnce they are transparent, they are very easy to shape into a tooth. If it’s still not right, stick it back into the very warm water and wait till the edges become transparent and work on the shape a bit more. You are looking for a good fit and a tooth that looks as close as possible to the one that you lost.Here comes the “work” part. You must be willing to follow through to have as close to a realistic tooth as possible. Once you have the shape of the tooth, it’s gonna look like a really bright light in your mouth because it’s so white, LOL! Don’t worry, you’ll need a cup of black tea to fix this. You will have to submerge the “tooth” into the black tea (took us about 12 hours overnight) to “stain” it to the color of your regular teeth. Some will need more time; some less. Depends on how often you have your teeth cleaned!Now… to have the new tooth look like the lost tooth takes a little reshaping. You want the tooth to have the same “length” as the original. Plus, the width may be a bit wide and/or bulky looking as well. Clipping with a nail file is a little difficult since the tooth is thick from molding it and by now, it’s a hard plastic. To get around this, I used a hand rotary drill with a round, fine sandpaper attachment. DON’T let this freak you out because it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds.Secure the tooth in some small needle nose pliers so it doesn’t slip out of your hand and go flying across the room once you take the drill to it, LOL! Start with short burst with the drill until you get the hang of sanding the edges of the front of the tooth while the shortening the length to match it’s “sister” tooth in your mouth. You can also sand off some of the thick excess on the bottom part of the back of the tooth; just be sure you don’t mess with the sides of the back that need to adhere to the 2 teeth beside it in your mouth. Trust me, this is really easy. The more I worked with it, the more I was getting into it! :DSome of the plastic may fray and not completely sand off. Just grab the nail clippers and clip it off and rinse. All in all, it took me no longer than 30 minutes to sand the edges for form a more realistic-looking tooth. I can now add “Tooth Maker” to my list of wifely/motherly duties, LOL!!!One thing that would really be a good idea to try is this: if you still have the original tooth that fell out, heat the TempTooth and then mold it around the original tooth. You are going to create a mold to work with. Pull the original tooth out and run the mold under cold water to harden it completely. Make another batch of the TempTooth and gently push it into your mold to form the tooth you’ll be working with (but not when it’s real hot or it will melt the mold). Run the tip (the root part) only of your new tooth under cold water to make it hard enough to grip when you pull the tooth out of the mold. You may have to try this method a few times to get the hang of it, but I think it just might work and I wish I had thought of it last night instead of when I finished the tooth this morning! It would be interesting to know if this option works.Bottom line: We are both really, really please with the outcome of this product. After a little staining, a little sanding, it looks exactly like the one he lost. Do I recommend TempTooth as a temporary replacement tooth – oh HECK yeah – in a heartbeat!! My husband and I are THE biggest skeptics when something like this comes along, but at this point, we had no choice but to try it, and if it didn’t work, we didn’t feel like the $30 we shelled out…

pleased indeed says:

Very Impressed!!! After losing my dental partial I’ve had for several years, I was devastated to look in the mirror at this hole in my mouth! While at the dentist getting fit for my new partial I asked is there any means of filling in this hole until my partial comes in? Of course they said no, there is nothing available but to try wax. Well after reading the reviews about temptooth and knowing I had nothing to lose, I ordered it. I must admit I was skeptical and scared to try but when that first tooth attempt was a success I was overjoyed. It snapped right in and stayed secure, I couldn’t believe it! That’s when the next tooth was fun and got creative on shaping it! Yesterday I picked up my $590 partial from the dentist that doesn’t fit as well as the temptooth. I’m so glad I found this product and will still use it even thou I have my dental partial!!!!

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