TCL LE40FHDE3000 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

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TCL LE40FHDE3000 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

TCL LE40FHDE3000 40-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV with 2-Year Warranty. Enjoy a big screen viewing experience with the TCL 40-Inch 1080p 60-Hz Direct-lit LED HDTV. This back-lit LED television offers 1080p high-definition picture quality, lots of connections with a picture that delivers incredible contrast and vibrancy. Whether you’re hosting movie night, cheering on a favorite team, or sharing your latest vacation photos on the USB connection, you’ll love how this high-definition LED television brings your media to life.

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Dan S says:

Nice picture, quick and easy setup. Excellent picture after firmware update. I had this TV delivered today and attempted to calibrate it using the Disney WOW Blu-ray that I have used on other TVs in the past. After some adjusting I found the picture to be very good when watching something, but I was disappointed that tint settings were not adjustable. The tint on the picture is slightly off from being natural but unfortunately you cannot change tint. That said I will update this review when TCL calls me back with a solution.Aside from the tint issue I have no complaints. There is the ability to turn 120hz mode on or off MEMC in the advanced picture settings. This lets you limit the amount of “soap opera effect” that is visible based on your preferences. HIGH has an extremely noticeable effect whereas low is noticeable but helped the flow of sports programming.My current picture settings (with Tint being locked at 50) are:Brightness – 43Contrast – 58Saturation – 40Sharpness – 50Tint – 50Color Mode – NormalBack Light – 20Dynamic Backlight – OffDynamic Light Sensor – OffMEMC – LowBlack levels are very good as was the brightness and contrast. There is little to no glare at all on the screen, which is a huge difference when compared to the Plasma I am replacing. There appears to be a slight blacklight bleed around the corners when the backlight is set too high, but it went away when we set it to 20 as we liked it.I use a surround sound receiver so I cannot comment on the sound quality of the TV.EDIT: 5/31/2013I have been working with TCL Customer Service since posting my initial review and they have sent me a beta firmware that should be released sometime next week. It fixed all of the problems the set had and even made a tint adjustment unnecessary (although it is now an option). I have updated this review to be a five star product review and would also give TCL customer service the best review possible after how fast they were to respond and keep me up to date with the status of the update.

skaughtz says:

What else do you wan for the price? I recently purchased this television on sale for $300 to serve as an extra TV for my man cave bar. Here’s a quick rundown of some important points:- These TCL televisions are cheap, but don’t seem to be of poor quality. The television itself is sleek and thin and other than the location of the control buttons on the TV itself (they are arranged behind the front bezel on the right side), everything else is laid out well. This TV comes with a two year warranty and unless I’m mistaken, they use Samsung screens.- Out of the box, the picture is clear and crisp. Colors are bright and blacks are dark. I noticed a little bit of a red tinge to the skin of some people, but with a little tweaking that went away easily. In fact, it was so mundane and the factory settings were so good that I had to force myself to change it. The brightness of the TV seems to have quite a range, but it wasn’t difficult to find the right lighting for the room I have it in.- I was worried when I purchased this that it only had a 60Hz refresh rate, but the other positive aspects outweighed this one concern (40″, 1080p, LED, $300, etc…). I have watched nearly every sport that ESPN airs on this television, and the only blur that I could notice was immediately after someone struck a tennis ball or punted a soccer ball across the field. Even then, I could only notice it if I was looking for it and really paying attention. I watched the O’s game on it last night and I couldn’t notice any blur whatsoever. They lost, but looked great doing it.- The sound is absolutely fine for a TV this size. I’ve read quite a few television reviews, and someone always seems to complain about the sound, no matter what make or model. If you desire 7.1 surround quality from this (or any) television, buy the appropriate audio equipment. Otherwise, in my opinion, the sound that this thing produces is perfectly fine.If you want a large screen for a cheap price, stop here. This TV might not have all of the bells and whistles that Samsung or Sony offer, but you also are not paying anywhere near those prices, either. This TV offers a great picture at a great price (at 40″), and for my money that is all that I really care about.

Andrew Roberts says:

TV works. TCL is a headache For the price I payed for this TV it is outstanding, highly recommend the TV. Why would I give it 3 stars though. TCL customer support is a nightmare. The originally packaging came with the wrong sized screws to connect the base to the tv. (not a wall mount, the base that came with it). I had tried calling TCL forget that. I emailed them. They actually emailed me back. After 18 (yes 1 8) emails back and forth with customer support they still haven’t helped me solve this issue. After email 5 I asked if they could just tell me what size the screws are so I can go to the hardware store and buy them. They told me they don’t give that kind of information out about their products. The tv works without a stand though. Just lean it up against the wall

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