Steve Nash MVP-Basketball Fundamentals

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Steve Nash MVP-Basketball Fundamentals

Steve Nash, winner of back to back NBA MVP awards, has designed the most comprehensive basketball instructional DVD of its kind. This 2-disc DVD set is truly unique, combining Individual Fundamentals with Team Play and Practice Organization. Who better to learn the game from than basketball’s most fundamentally sound player!

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Brian "BK Sherm" says:

Great for youth and high school players Let me start by saying I’ve watched quite a few Basketball videos and Ive coached Jr. High and Rec Basketball so my knowledge going in is fair.Nash being one of the greats of all time has done a great job with all the basic fundementals, he also teaches drills to improve individual and team play. In the second video which I found really helpful he goes over Defense to Offense transition, Defense, Offense to Defense transition and Offense. Going over some basic zone and man to man defenses and offenses with the aide of another really good high school coach. Nash is really good as the Host, doesn’t bore you, he’s energetic and the kids he uses to instruct the viewer are kids we are likely to see at different levels we would coach. Best video by far that Ive seen or purchased. With the low price point of this video it makes it a must buy, have fun.

Sandy Gardener "Sandy" says:

This Is How Sports Instructional Videos Should Be Done Several years ago I got four or five used instructional soccer videos for my kids. They varied widely in quality, but all had something constructive to offer. Using those videos as a basis for comparison, there is no comparison: all the basketball fundamentals are here in one DVD, presented in a way that is totally engaging. It’s difficult to explain, but Steve Nash conveys such a great attitude- kind of a mixture of humility, enthusiasm, and hard work- that anyone involved in any competitive sport or endeavor could benefit from watching it. It’s easy to understand how he got to be the league MVP, with the excellent mindset he has. This DVD seems to have been a labor of love on his part. As a final note, sports videos all seem to have cheesy distracting background music, but the riffs here really add to the overall effect.Thank you Steve Nash. My kids have benefited in many ways from your efforts.

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