SteelSeries QcK Mini Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)

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SteelSeries QcK Mini Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)

The SteelSeries QcK mini is a dream of a mouse pad for every gamer that prefers cloth surfaces. Having been released in August 2005 this mouse pad went through extensive testing by gaming professionals before its release and with their feedback the SteelSeries QcK mini was further developed, to make it the ultimate cloth pad every gamer desired. With the use of high quality cloth material, an optimized texture which guarantees both smoothness and glide and a specially designed non-slippery rubber base this mouse pad blows away the competition and is a great choice not only for the hardcore gamer but also for graphic designers and others who use their mouse for extended periods of time. The SteelSeries QcK mini is compatible with all types of mice and is ideal for starters because of its great value.

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Gamearts says:

Awesome mouse pad but might not be worth it for some. This is my first SteelSeries (AKA Icemat) mouse pad. SteelSeries makes a variety of mouse pads and this is one of the few they make that is made of cloth.I was fed up and sick and tired of my laser mouse making my wooden desks dirty, so I decided I DO need a mouse pad. After curiously researching about top of the line mouse pads (just to see if there were such a thing) the SteelSeries brand came up and I became very much interested.Despite its name, the Qck Mini is a little bigger than your average “freebie” mouse pad most people use. I was willing to go with one of their more expensive hard options (aluminum, glass, et cetera) but because they only sell them in large sizes, I decided to settle on the cloth version.The mouse pad comes rolled up in a tube. It takes about a day or so of use to get the pad fully flat because of that, but it’s really not a big deal or anything to worry over. The mouse pad is extremely nice to look at in person because of the uniform jet black in contrast with SteelSeries serious white logo. Makes a great complement to your overall computer setup if looks are at all a factor.I use the Logitech G9 Laser Mouse in conjunction with the mouse pad and it glides left to right, top to bottom, very well. The pad is just a tad small so sometimes I have to pick up the mouse and place it on the other side when I’m moving across large screens but it’s really rare. The size is fine for your everyday needs, but for those working on really big screens you may want to go with a bigger pad. I chose the Mini because my setup is a small desk for a tiny 11.1″ laptop so I couldn’t afford the extra room nor really needed it for the screen size.The pad does collect some dust and particles fairly frequently but all you have to really do is wipe across with your hands every once in a while and you got yourself a clean pad again.I’m very happy with my SteelSeries mousepad and look forward to trying out their more expensive options down the road (some sell for upwards of $50!). I purchased it directly from the company in Denmark. I consider this a top of the line mousepad for its class and size, and I love how it looks. Recommended for those who want a small and sexy mouse pad with no worry about your mouse going crazy on you or losing any control. But is it worth the extra money compared to your generic 99 cent mouse pad? Probably not for most people; but hey, what’s an extra $10 extra or so for this bad boy? I’d buy it again.

J. R. Abernethy says:

Good, but doesn’t stay put. The QcK Mini provides a good gaming surface for the money. However, there are some issues you must consider before purchase.I game at relatively low sensitivity, and I don’t have a lot of desk real estate. The size of the QcK Mini (about the size of a generic pad) is good for people who have desks that dont offer alot of room, or don’t necessarily need a giant pad but still want a quality gaming surface.The pad functions well. With the textured cloth surface, mouse-work is generally responsive and smooth. The styling is minimalist and black which I appreciate. Considering the price is less than many other gaming pads (which can reach $30+), I would say it is generally a good bargain.While the surface itself is good, the bottom of the pad slides around too much. I have a laminate wood computer desk and my Keyboard/mouse are above elbow level. The pad is very light and the bottom is not quite sticky enough. These factors combined mean it just doesn’t stay put. I am constantly having to readjust the pad during or after sessions, which is not good during intense gameplay.Another thing you may be put off by is the lack of wrist rest, but I think those just get in the way. I cannot remark on it’s durability, having it only for a week.I doubt I will buy another due to my particular setup, but if your desk is more textured then perhaps it will serve you better.Pros: Good price for a gaming pad. Smooth response from the surface.Cons: The pad is too light and the bottom rubber doesn’t stick well enough.Verdict: With the right setup, this pad can be a low cost gaming alternative to your generic mousepad. However, if your desk is laminate or anything else relatively slippery, I suggest looking elsewhere unless you prefer to readjust your pad every 15 minutes.

WMWM says:

What do you expect, its a mouse pad The mousepad arrives in a small stylish package. As you can see the mousepad arrives rolled up, contrary to hard plastic mousepads this cloth mousepad is very flexible.The mousepad’s front is made out of black cloth material and features a small SteelSeries logo in the bottom left corner. The mousepad’s size should be perfect for most people, it’s not too small but not too big either.The base of the SteelSeries QcK is made out of rubber and this works really well, while testing the QcK the mousepad never slipped away.The mousepad is a bit thicker than most plastic mousepads but it’s still pretty thin. If you prefer a thicker mousepad you should consider the QcK heavy which features a thickness of 6mm instead of 2mm.The Good Stuff- One of the better cloth mousepads available on the market.- Slightly more comfortable than plastic mousepad.- Cheap.- Mousepad doesn’t slip away.- Very flexible-does NOT curl up, layed flat on first openingThe Bad Stuff- Tracking isn’t as accurate as on plastic mousepads- Less durable than a plastic mousepad

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