Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light

Pinned on September 2, 2013 at 8:25 am by Ashley Rudolph

Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light

Illuminate the inside of your safe or security cabinet with this battery operated LED light. There are 3 light heads – each with 4 LED lights, that pivot independently for directional lighting. There is a manual on/off switch with 2 levels of brightness. This is a battery operated light with no wiring needed. It is easy to install with mounting plate or hook & eye tape (both are included). The lights can turn on automatically when the safe or cabinet door is opened when using the optional motion detection setting. Great for any safe or security cabinet you have!

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SparkyGreen says:

Great Cheap Lighting I have a pretty big gun safe and one of these did a great job lighting up one certain area, like one shelf or the long gun area.I decided to add a couple more to really illuminate the whole safe and for about $50 it’s a pretty efficient solution.I can’t speak to the one review about the lights constantly cycling on and off. I can see light when they are on if you look closely at the door hinge. Once closed I’ve never noticed them coming on. I’ve not starred at it for 2 hours but at least 20-30 mins.I’ve never opened the safe to the lights being on either. They always activate as I reach into the safe.

Walt R says:

The motion detection is defective. I just purchased the Stack-On-SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive Gun Safe Light from Amazon and installed it in my safe. The light is O.K. but, as others have stated, the motion detection system is defective. It will go on when switched to the 30 or 60 second mode and then turn off appropriately, but will go back on in a few seconds and repeat the cycle until, I suppose, the batteries fail. I took the chance after reading the negative reviews and ordered it and am content to use it in the manual switch mode. The included screws were so tiny that they would not penetrate the cloth lining of my safe. I had to replace them to get a firm mount. I will probably order a second one to completely illuminate my safe. In Summary: It is a good safe light if you don’t need the motion detection option and have a better set of screws for a firm mounting.

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