Sony KDL-32R400A 32-Inch 60Hz 720p LED HDTV (Black)

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Sony KDL-32R400A 32-Inch 60Hz 720p LED HDTV (Black)

ATSC – 178° / 178° – 1366 x 768 – Dolby Digital – 3 x HDMI – USB – Media Player

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photonashville "John" says:

Excellent picture and good sound. I purchased this tv straight from Sony’s website which just cost the extra amount of TN sales tax. They shipped it quickly with free shipping and received within 2 days.The tv is very lightweight for 32″ tv; remarkable how far the tech has come. Setup was very simple. Menu system is extensive for picture controls, PIP, connecting a computer and so on.Currently I use this connected to a Roku 2 for watching HD content from Amazon Prime. I use the custom picture mode. Picture quality is on par with my Panasonic 42″ plasma THX setting. Motion in movies is excellent even as a 60Hz HDTV.Sound is good by itself, but I use it connected to a Bose system via the audio out mini jack which is great for internet music.The bezel is thin and blends away while watching movies which is even nicer. Something I didn’t expect or even notice from my other tvs until now.Nicely sized screen for viewing movies from 10 ft away or less.Very happy and would certainly recommend the tv and would buy again. Now considering my next tv to be a larger Sony LED. I’ve been extremely happy with Panasonic but Sony makes superb tvs with equal picture quality and equal or lower price.

amazonreviewer says:

Excellent, sharp, vibrant picture. Minimal Physical presence. Love this tv. It’s everything I remember about having a Sony. The picture is very natural and less “digitally” than other tvs I’ve seen. Setup, menus, remote, inputs, all well designed and thought out. I love the ability to watch content streamed from a USB drive. The feature worked nicely, though I did forget that my usb drive was Mac formatted and it took me a while to figure out why it wasn’t working. The set is very minimal and elegant and compliments the room (as much a a tv can I suppose). Viewing angles are excellent side to side and top to bottom. I was worried initially since the angle of the set doesn’t adjust vertically but this has been a non issue due to great viewing angles. I was also pleasantly surprised by the great sound of the built in speakers. I normally run everything through my stereo but hardly do so now except for serious movie screening. The speakers do great for most all content and I rarely have the urge to turn on the stereo to watch tv. The size is perfect for us. We wanted a nice big screen to enjoy but not a monster that takes over the whole room and this was a great compromise.Really, the only thing I can think of that I would change is how you adjust the white balance or “temperature” of the picture. You have cool, neutral and warm to choose from and to my eyes (and I am an artist and professional photographer with pretty keen sensitivity) the normal setting is too cool, almost as cool as the cool setting. This forced me to choose the warm setting which I found to be a bit too warm but much more to my liking. I have since visually acclimated to the setting and never give it a thought but it did bug me that they couldn’t get the normal setting right or else give the consumer some control over this beyond three settings. White balance is a personal choice to a degree and you may prefer the normal or even cool setting so don’t let it deter you from buying this stellar TV set. Highly recommended.

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