Soccer Skills & Drills

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Soccer Skills & Drills

Master all the fundamentals that matter on the pitch with Soccer Skills & Drills. This comprehensive instructional guide for players and coaches alike teaches the techniques necessary for success as well as games and drills to hone your skills to perfection.

Learn to dribble, receive, pass, shoot, head, tackle, and guard the goal with guidance from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, the top coaches’ organization in the United States. Then use the 80 progressively arranged games and drills to practice those skills in competitive situations and small-sided games. The insightful teaching points and effective practice activities will reinforce your execution of the fundamentals and expand your repertoire of techniques and tactics.

Dozens of photographs and diagrams are provided to help you visualize the technical instruction, while the application of each skill is described from both tactical and positional perspectives. More than a drill book, Soccer Skills & Drills is the information-packed resource that will elevate any player’s game!

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spikes93 says:

Good suppoort! I purchased this book on the heels of completing my “E” coaching license. It’s great in explaining proper technique of soccer basics with specific drills to help the youth player develop the right skills. I would also recommend for the coach searching to get a refresher for older players who need help with the basics. If you are just starting out in your soccer coaching career, volunteering to coach your kids team, or a parent who wants to help their child get the right form in the backyard don’t hesitate to add this book to the library. It’s even more powerful when combined with the DVD from the NSCAA entitled “Technical Training: Critical Coaching Points.” Good luck!

Cageyoldfootballer says:

Very good book This book is perfect for beginning and intermediate coaches who desire to implement top level training for their team. The book divides topically into the expected chapters: finishing, receiving, passing, etc. There is a progression in the presentation of training exercises. Well worth the money.

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