SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Ball

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SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Ball

Test your skills on the mini court with this SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop ball for use with the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop.

SKLZ Mini Hoop and Mini Hoop Ball offer an indoor basketball hoop with the look, function, and durability of a pro-grade basket. Mini basketball and over-the-door basketball will never be the same–goodbye Nerf basketball nets. Pro Mini Hoop is perfect for the home, office or dorm. Use this 5″ basketball as an additional ball for your Pro Mini Hoop basketball set (sold separately).The Pro Mini Hoop Ball is a spare ball the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop indoor basketball system (sold separately)–and–also offers a fun, small-yet-realistic basketball for young kids. The ball provides the look, feel, and bounce of a real basketball in a smaller more manageable size. The entire SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop system provides the look, function, and durability of a pro-grade basket in a size that works for the home, office, or dorm.

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Doug says:

Ball goes flat after a few days The hoop comes with one ball. I bought an extra one for my kids. The balls are a bit smaller than I expected but work nicely with the hoop. My particular ball goes flat every few days which makes it useless. I believe the leak is around the input valve. I’m not sure if this is part of a faulty batch of balls or not. It is shipped deflated so it would be difficult for the manufacturer to discover the problem. Anyway, it’s disappointing for the price.

Mom says:

Great purchaseh This ball and hoop was one of the best christmas presents my 10 year old gotthis Christmas. It is much better than the nerf versions and he has played with it just about every day since christmas. Would definitely recommend.

CowboyNation says:

Fun for a little while The ball/hoop was a gift for the guys in my office so we could have some goof-off time once in a while. And while it lasted, we had a great time! But after a couple of weeks, the ball started to become warped and mis-shaped. I’m not sure if this was due to overuse or not, but I was hoping for a longer shelf life. Still, fun while it lasted though.

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