Skill Factor: Premier League Soccer

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Skill Factor: Premier League Soccer

This is truly a unique coaching tool.Enjoy this truly unique coachingtool. This DVD is a high-tech 3D animated Skill Factor guide to learning some fancy footwork, combined with Premier League classic match footage showing you how the experts have executed the moves on the pitch.

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J. Coberly "Random Person" says:

Entertaining and Informative, but 1 Major Drawback I bought this DVD at a recent soccer convention.I have lots of soccer coaching DVDs but I asked the salesman for a DVD that would teach the players skills, but the kids would also enjoy watching. He recommended Skill Factor to me.General Idea:The idea is EXCELLENT! The DVD combines computer animations of the skills with narrators instructing how each skill is done – and in a fun, bullet-point way, rather than a bland step by step format; that is then topped-off by video clips of the skills actually being put to use in the English Premier League.Pros:- Excellent general idea. I’ve found that kids today relate very well to computer animations in general, and the video clips show them how the skills are used in games.- Huge list of skills covered. Lots of dribbling moves, but also tackling, juggling, receiving, etc.- Entertaining narration. Most instructional soccer DVDs consist of someone demonstrating a skill and explaining it. This video does that, but there is less focus on the finer aspects, and more on the general principle, instead, the narrators often explain WHEN to use it: for example “the ‘double tap’ is best used when the attacker and defender are square”; and also with a little humor: for example, while covering (I believe) the “back door” dribbling move, a clip is shown of it being used unsuccessfully against Patrick Vieira. The announcer then says something to the effect of, “Remember, don’t ever try to use the move against Vieira.” Despite how it may sound, the delivery of it is not at all lame or cheesy.- Good clips- Each move and skill is broken into a separate chapter, so it’s easy to navigate. You can easily find specific skills from the menu, and can skip ones while playing it.Cons:- The only major con is in the computer animations.– First, some of them are hard to follow. You may need to play in slow motion if you really want to try to learn the skills.– Second, and most importantly, while their goal is no doubt to make the animations easier to follow, they inevitably begin to spin the screen during most of the animations. I have watched this DVD 3 times, and every time I have gotten dizzy from this after about 10 skills (and there are over 50). To be sure it wasn’t just me, I watched it with other adults once and they both complained of dizziness from those scenes as well. I can imagine that it would be worse for children.- Also, because so many skills are covered (and perhaps because of the dizziness factor as well), the DVD drags. Sure it’s great to get so much packed into 1 DVD (they definitely give you your money’s worth), but it is difficult to finish in 1 sitting or even 2.Bottom line:The dizzying effect is a MAJOR drawback. This would easily be a 5 star choice if it didn’t give viewers a headache.

Tomas Aragon says:

Entertaining and instructional for players, coaches, and families My kids and coaches enjoyed this entertaining and instructional video. It’s great to see ball control skills broken down, but then also to see them from actual Premier League matches. This DVD will keep the attention of younger viewers.

Eric Rangel-Ribeiro "Eric" says:

Great Product Caught 10 minutes of this film on the Fox Soccer Channel and as my daughter was learning some of Rinaldo’s moves and footwork thought the animations would help her fully understand them. Having sat through the entire video with her we can both say this is well worth the money.Thanks

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