Silvertone SD3000PAK NA Acoustic Guitar Pack – Natural

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Silvertone SD3000PAK NA Acoustic Guitar Pack – Natural

The Silvertone SD3000 Acoustic Guitar Package sets a new standard for price and value. This complete package includes the SD3000 dreadnought (full-size) acoustic guitar with a natural top, mahogany stained back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and step-up quality, die-cast tuning machines. The SD3000 Package contains everything you need to get started. Silvertone SD3000 Package includes Digital guitar tuner Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Guitar strap One Extra set of strings Guitar picks Chord chart Your new Silvertone Acoustic Guitar may well be the only instrument you will ever need to buy. Silvertone Guitars For more than 50 years Silvertone has been an icon in the American guitar industry. Their mission now, as it was when they began, is to make quality instruments from quality materials with contemporary styling while providing exceptional value. Silvertone has confidence in what they are doing, so every Silvertone guitar comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Derrick Wood "acoustic mistress" says:

Wonderful Hi I’m Rachael, This guitar is so beautiful. It’s even nicer than the picture. I love it so much. It was packaged very well and came out of the box still smelling like finish. It’s very sturdy and comes with everything a beginner needs: chord chart, digital tuner, picks, a nice bag and strap. I love this guitar – I even took it to a music store and the guy said it was a great guitar and for 90$ it was a steal. He also said it had a very cool sound and said he was going to buy one lol. This is a great guitar for ANYONE and for a first guitar I couldnt ask for more. It’s crafted perfectly and there are no flaws in the finish. I would definetly reccommend this guitar to everyone. I know its tempting when you see all theses 30$ guitars on here but I promise that you wont regret it if you spend a few extra dollars and get this one.

Michael Sesto says:

Perfect for a cheap guitar I purchased this guitar about a year ago for a weekend hiking/camping trip and didn’t want to take my $800 guitar. You can imagine why. I was suprised by the tone, as it sounds decent (but not perfect) and is very easy to play. I am an avid hiker/camper and I take this guitar wherever I go. I have dropped it several times and one time it was strapped to my back pack going up the Sierra Nevadas when i slipped and landed on my back. I thought for sure i would turn and look and see a pile of wood behind me. And I didnt even want to check and see how much damage there was. But to my luck, it sustained minor damages (a small hole in the body and several large scratches) and still plays till this day.One thing I always had trouble with was keeping it in tune, but I couldnt tell if it was from the craftmanship of the guitar, or simply the climate I was traveling in. But for such a cheap price I am more than willing to give it the care it deserves (Ok , I totally abuse it ). This was one of the best investments I have ever made! In fact I’m thinking about getting a new one, all the holes in it is starting to bug me. But who knows, maybe it will last another year!

Trina V. says:

Decent for online purchase This is the first guitar I’ve ever learned to play on. I had no idea what to look for in a guitar, so I just went on here and bought one that seemed good.I later found out, that it’s not good to buy a guitar online without seeing it in person or playing on it first. My guitar teacher said it’s an average guitar. The sound quality is okay but it’s not amazing. I enjoy playing it but the strings are a little high off the neck so it’s harder to bar chords. Be aware that if you stick with this instrument you may need to upgrade.

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