Shot-in Creative LED Watch Sector Sports Car Meter Dial Men Wrist Watch

Pinned on August 17, 2013 at 9:29 am by Jessica Richey

Shot-in Creative LED Watch Sector Sports Car Meter Dial Men Wrist Watch

Instead of telling the time by the standard dials or digits, this watch displays the time in speedometer read that make it different. Watch now is no more only a time machine, it is also fashion and lifestyle, a different watch would upgrade you in a unique stage. Time for a change now!

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Cameron says:

Great for the price This watch caught my eye cause I like watches and LOVE cars so for $16 I said sure. The watch seems pretty solid and has a stainless steel backing. Strap and band holder can get a little uncomfortable but its a cheap watch.The only thing I didn’t expect is that the dials don’t move and the light comes on after you press the button on the side to see the time. Just does time date week. No seconds or alarms but eh I like it and people think its a neat watch in general.

Bianca says:

Stopped working I bought this watch for my boyfriend based on the reviews it had received.Needless to say it stopped working after 3 days and all of the lights just stay on.I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Kayla Parent says:

good but not what I thought it was!!!!!!! This watch looks and fits well on my wrist. Its band is comfortable. The only problem I have is the face is just a piece of paper I don’t like that it should be working hand dials.The watches light shines through the paper to show what time it is its super unique, but if you’re looking for a watch that is fully functioning with working hand dials and timer this watch is not for you. Look at the video of the watch on you tube. It will give you a better idea of the functions of the watch.

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