shark shksupertanknbag Magnetic Motorcycle/Snowmobile ATV Waterproof Tank Bag

Pinned on August 15, 2013 at 9:14 pm by Robin Masters

shark shksupertanknbag Magnetic Motorcycle/Snowmobile ATV Waterproof Tank Bag

Super Cool new Design To Prevent The Device Overheat

This is a new waterproof magnetic tank bag / case for all electronic Devices and gadgets.

This quality leather case will Magnetically attach itself to any metal part of your motorcycle or snowmobile so you have a safe and secure solution for your cell phone, amplifier, iphone etc.

There are 4 magnets so your case wont budge under any condition.

We tested it with The Iphones, Ipods, Blackberries, and droids. Its 5″ X 3 X 1/12 so make sure it will fit your device before you buy this.

5″L x 3″H x 1 1/2″ THICK

(Iphone and blackberry shown not included. This is just for the case)

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Trish "A Sun Salutin', Crochet Hookin' Chick!" says:

Perfect! I ride a Softtail HD. I have an audio system on my bike that attaches to my iPhone. I’ve put this on the tank of my bike and have ridden thousands of miles (knock on wood) with no problems of the bag even moving. I often ride on the freeways above 70 mph.I do leave a little gap in the zipper for the cable and after picking a playlist, I put the iPod in the pocket face down so the sun does not hit the screen and overheat.Works perfect for me!

Eric Echevarria says:

Working fine and dandy Judging by other comments and reviews, I was under the impression that this item was a worthless piece of crap, but to my surprise it is working fine and dandy. I am the proud owner of a 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Venture and when I throttling down the highway at 45 or 85 mph this thing stays still. I have no complaints… Different from other comments, I would recommend this item 100%.

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