Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm

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Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm

Kim Cattrall, “Sex and the City”‘s Samantha, slides between the sheets and shares her secrets on reaching the heights of pleasure. She teams up with her husband in this how-to-sex book, based on viewer feedback from the show and designed to help couples focus on achieving the female orgasm. 75 illustrations.Pleasing color sketches and simple diagrams adorn the pages of Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm by famed Sex and the City actor Kim Cattrall and her husband, jazz musician Mark Levinson. The fact that Cattrall’s character on the show, Samantha Jones, is a sexual giantess is likely to bump up sales a notch for this attractive, children’s-size book, but nevertheless it’s a very worthwhile read.

Simple concepts–open communication, trust, love, and a consistent interest in pleasing one another–are the ingredients for an enriching and fulfilling sex life that can bring two people ever closer, according to the text. The facts speak for themselves: when pressed, women will confess in droves that they are sexually frustrated. It’s tricky to communicate one’s carnal desires to one’s lover, yet both parties must be open to this type of ongoing discussion for the formula to work.

Meanwhile, a little education for men can go a long way. The concepts are basic–anyone who isn’t a virgin probably knows them. But the rub lies in the consistency, the selflessness, and the patience required of the man. Cattrall and Levinson ask their male readers how they’d feel if they experienced some physical pleasure during lovemaking but never got to climax; they would likely get frustrated after a while. So an abiding devotion to pleasing the woman is a basic assumption throughout, and one that isn’t commonly pointed out in such an open way elsewhere. Some readers may think Cattrall and Levinson’s approach offers nothing new or exciting, but this honest reminder of what it takes to be a sensitive and satisfying lover is just what the doctor ordered. –Teri Kieffer


Holly Montgomery says:

a manual in technique. good for everyone. Other reviews for this title seem to be written by anonymous men and fueled by sour grapes. No book will make you a great lover, especially if you’re not interested in what it asks you to do.No, their partners do not cause all of the sexual problems in women, but some can be solved, regardless. This book isn’t about pointing fingers in blame. It’s about giving pleasure…that’s all.This book is a GREAT guide for oral sex, and really only touches lightly on anything else (to avoid redundancy, according to the authors. To paraphrase, “many great books have been written on technique in intercourse” etc). The authors were very specific in the problems pleasing most women, orally and otherwise. It addresses that all women are different, there’s nothing that will work on everyone, and tips on how to find out what your female partner enjoys.Even men (and women) that *think* they know how to satisfy a woman would learn something from this sensitive, well-written book. It’s full of sexy secrets that will bring something new to bed…or improve old acts.WARNING!!! THIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT PLEASING WOMEN, mostly orally. If you’re expecting anything but a book telling you how to UNSELFISHLY please a woman… look elsewhere. I think the title covers that, but some people just don’t seem to understand.This is a technical guide on how to cause the female orgasm.Almost every page has artful, but very helpful, illustrations. I also like the *very* open ideas this book supports exploring (anal stimulation, for example).The book is written for men, to use on women, it translates well for women to use on other women, too. The sections discussing penetration with the penis could easily be done with the hands, or device. The oral and hand stimulation sections need no translation.My only true complaint about this book is size. It’s a very large book. It’s a pretty quick read, and easy to understand, but it won’t fit on my bookshelf. It’s more of a coffee-table book. What a thrill to your guests if *this* was in your living room.In summary: this book could have been called “get her off: a diagrammed tutorial on how to use your mouth, hands, and body to make a woman orgasm” but it you’ll have to lay it horizontally in your book case.

Annex "annexgirl" says:

If You Read This: She Will Come I was extremely impressed with this book. As stated by the title, it is a guide to the female orgasm, so it focuses on that instead of intercourse as a whole.

Charles Runels Md "research physician & fathe... says:

Guide for the tongue and the attitude Two reasons make this book worth the purchase:1. It gives emphasis to the idea of the orgasm as part art and part technique. I practiced piano technique for years before I ever became proficient enough to “play” the piano and forget the technique (consciously). The book enphasizes the idea that technique isn’t the answer; the answer is in the art. That idea, the art of orgasm, if caught makes the book valuable.2. The pages on cunniligulus display clear, beautiful, and tasteful descriptions and sketches about how to practice the art in a way better than other books devoted completely to the tongue.I wasn’t that interested in the details of Ms Cattrall’s life (I don’t own a television, never once watched her show, and never found the personal testimony of movie stars convincing) except that she gives convincing testimony that a lover/artist who takes time to learn the instruments (his and his lover’s body) can create a new level of pleasure and a new level of understanding. Also, it’s probably encouraging for some to know that rich and beautiful doesn’t equate with spectacular sex life.The amount of information at first seemed less than the size of the book promised. But, if you enjoy a beautiful book (the feel of it and the sight of it), and if you carefully study the techniques offered in the section on cunnilingulus, THEN if you forget the book and the mechanics of the techniques in the spirit that a pianist forgets the scales–leting his fingers “play” the instrument, I think you may improve your art and find the book worthwhile.–Charles Runels, MDAuthor of “Anytime…for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, and Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation (A 15-Day Course for Men to Improve Life and Sex)”

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