Samsung Electronics UN39FH5000 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

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Samsung Electronics UN39FH5000 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz  LED TV

Samsung UN39FH5000 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz Slim LED HDTV

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NotaSecondTime says:

Samsung Quality at a Decent Price The 32″ version in previous years has been top rated by Consumer Reports. So i purchased the new F model, but not the more expensive 40″. A search at the Samsung website for this exact model (UN39FH5000) returns “Sorry, no results were found”. Most consumers are being steered to add 1″ screen size for $150+ ! Is this 39″ model the only bargain in the Samsung line?Just how good is it? I measured a contrast ratio of 10,400:1 which is really excellent!The back-light scanning (labeled LED Clear Motion) blacks the picture while the LCD pixel is changing state. Further no soap opera effect. Since the LEDs are very bright, they still generate enough light with the Clear Motion feature enabled.Once calibrated the display offers a compelling picture quality. I like it!Many of the menu settings are shared between Standard and Movie mode. If they are all set to identical settings, the Movie mode black level is a little darker, just as it should be.Pros:CleanWhite Balance Control (cutoff & gain)Faster HDMI switching timeVery energy efficient – leave it on the whole dayBargain priceVesa wall mountCons:Some sharpness needed for video processing but this degrades computer text. Or stated differently, not as much high frequency detail or refinement as in high end-displays, but fine for 95% of peopleNot ultra-slim or beautiful caseshort power cordI spent several days evaluating and then measuring objectively with a . The latest calibration software lets you adjust the TVs White Balance controls in real-time (i use this for all my PC displays and HDTVs) and luv it! Sure beats paying $400 for a single calibration.Calibration Settings Samsung UN39FH5000Mode: Standard & MovieBacklight 13Contrast 78Brightness 45Sharpness 35Color 509Tint 50/50Dynamic Contrast offBlack Tone offFlesh Tone offColor Space AutoWhite Balance Cutoff: 20,22,11 Gain: 22,25,9Gamma 0Motion Lighting OffColor Tone Warm1Size Screen Fit (1:1 pixel mapping)Digital Clear offMPEG Filter offLED Clear Motion on (important)

C. Tranel says:

Expected Better from Samsung Out of the box, picture quality was poor. Even after major adjustments, the picture was worse than my 10 year old Toshiba DLP. Sound was fine for our use (tv shows, no movies). It is unlikely that we will consider Samsung when it comes time to replace our living room set.

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