Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

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Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle (PZ44)

Satie pz44 pro flight yoke system.

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S. Kuprianczyk says:

Phantom Key Stroke Problem Solved? Well I just did some research on this yoke and discovered that Sietek has resolved the phantom keystroke issue. New replacement units are shipping to all US distributers. If you happen to have a defective unit, per a post on Sietek’s forum, owners are to call 310-972-9930 for return/replacement instructions. I am going to order one myself but am not sure if Amozon has the new units yet. Sietec refused to post a current serial number of the defective lot but a person on the forums said that he just got his and is working flawlessly with a serial number of SZ005111624. This person with a “good” unit purchased his thru Newegg in CA.Well I am going to place my order now and I will post an update when I get it up and running.UPDATE: I recieved the yoke and pedals three days ago and after spending an hour or so configuring the unit I fired it up. The SN# I recieved was 00492657 a call to tech support assured me that I had a unit that had the phathom key stroke problem resolved.I spent about a total of 20 hours flying around in several planes whith included single engine ceasna’s all the way up to the heavy 747. I WAS NOT ABLE TO FIND ANY PROBLEMS WITH MY YOKE. I was very impressed with the quality and performance. I took a gamble but in my case I think it payed off.Also for anyone wondering if this yoke works with a mac don’t worry. I hooked the yoke up to my mac and am running xplane ver.9. The drivers were not needed it was simply plug n play. Xplane recognized the yoke and throttles with no problem. It was very simple to program.I hope this helps.

RV_Pilot "anotherrvpilot" says:

Great Feel. “Phantom Key presses” were easy to fix for me …. To start with, I wish I had purchased this setup much earlier. It feels so good and delivers such rock solid performance that I cannot imagine flying the civilian aircraft in FSX without it. If you want the C-172 to become as compelling as the P51 in your control, then this is the setup you’ll want.But I vacillated on this purchase for some time before buying it due to all the reviews reporting phantom key presses. I didn’t want to order something I’d likely have to return or exchange. Although I love flying with my CH Fighterstick , Pro Throttle and Rudders when flying warplanes or helicopters, I always felt like I was missing out on the joy of civilian flight simulation when using a stick instead of a yoke. So I finally mustered up the courage to order the Saitek Yoke in spite of the many poor reviews while holding my breath on the “pkp” issue.By the time I got mine, I had thoroughly familiarized myself with the scope of the phantom key press problem and the possible cures. I had hoped mine would not suffer the symptoms but those hopes were dashed very shortly after loading up my first flight with the new controls. Sure enough I had the dreaded phantom key presses switching my views. By a process of elimination – including flying other sims without any hitch, I concluded the issue lies within the FSX setup itself. I was right. Upon closer inspection I noticed two unusual controllers listed in my FSX control menu: “Mouse Yoke” and “Mouse Look”. Each of those had mysteriously been assigned default button assignments which conflicted with what I had manually set up with the Saitek Yoke. Particularly, I noticed the “extend gear when throttle rapidly decreased” and “retract gear on rapid throttle increase” commands were assigned to a button in the “Mouse Yoke”. I also had a large list of view commands mapped by FSX to buttons in the “Mouse Look” controller. All I had to do was clear each and every one of the “joystick assignments” in both and all was well.I now have about 10 hours of flight without a hitch using the Saitek Yoke and even added a second throttle quadrant for even more enjoyment with multi-engine aircraft. I coupled these controllers with the book “Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training” and I began working through the lessons. The experience is unequalled in all the 20+ years of computer gaming I’ve done to date. The Saitek yoke made the entire experience more immersive and rewarding.Needless to say, I strongly recommend this yoke and even the second throttle quadrant to go with it. The reviews to the contrary can be quite demoralizing, but it appears the fixes to all the woes were only all too easy in the end. If you’re considering this setup and you ask me, I say go for it. You won’t be sorry.

D. J. Everette says:

Excellent Yoke, Worth the Money, But… Purchased the yoke, additional throttle and pedals. Pitch axis is a touch too tight, but other than that, very study and well constructed piece of hardware. The clock makes timed approaches and holds eaiser, and the fluid movement of the pitch/roll axis make hand flying approaches a lot of fun. However..The unit I recieved is experiencing the same phantom key presses that others have reported. This behaviour is acknowledged by Saitek Support, and they indicate that it only affects some units and are not issuing a full recall. Phantom key presses are quite annoying (i.e. gear coming up on it’s own when on a 1/4 mile final). I’ve tried the “fix” which seems to work for some (using a PCI USB card), to no avail.One very positive note is Amazon’s support. I e-mailed just asking if I should work directly through Saitek USA or Amazon for a replacement (as it’s a Saitek acknowledged problem), nothing but an e-mailed question. The result was an e-mail from Amazon informing me that they were sending a replacement unit to me via overnight with instructions on how to send back my faulty unit.My only worry now is that since bulk units were sent to Amazon, that the replacement yoke will have the same problem. Being that Amazon probably purchased in bulk, if the problem only affects certain serial number blocks, the odds are the replacement will have the same problem (Have a friend who bought same yoke on same day from different vendor, not experiencing this problem).If that’s the case, I’ll just either return for a refund with Amazon, or exchange directly with Saitek (when they get more in stock).Other than the the phantom key issue, excellent product!

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