SAE to USB Adapter – Motorcycle Cell Phone Charger

Pinned on August 13, 2013 at 5:35 pm by Leo Hardin

SAE to USB Adapter – Motorcycle Cell Phone Charger

Finally! A nice alternative to the bulky and troublesome cigarette lighter plug for charging devices from your motorcycle. For charging on the go, this is the right device. SAE quick disconnect to USB. You can plug the SAE connector into the battery charging port on your motorcycle and get USB 1A power to charge smartphones, GPS, MP3 players, tablets, cameras, or any host of USB chargeable devices using any device’s cable.
If you already have a phone charging cord and trickle charger connection on your bike, then you are all set. SAE connectors from brands such as Battery Tender or HD chargers all work.
Keep your cell phone charged to use your camera on a ride or in case you need to contact someone while out riding.
Designed in Texas with plastics made in Wisconsin. Final assembly is done in Austin, Texas USA!

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Darren says:

GReat product I searched the internet for a simple way to charge my iphone from my bike and finally found this great little product. It’s small, simple and easy to use! I keep it in my saddle bag so it’s always on the bike. It plugs right into the SAE lead for the battery tender that is already on my bike, so i didn’t have to do anything, just plug it in. I also like the fact you can use it on any phone that uses a USB cable to charge the phone so you can use it on many different phones.

Marc says:

Perfect Works like a charm, attach to quick connect from battery, plugged in my android cable and attached phone and presto….I know have a charger on my motorcycle, and can keep my phone GPS running on my trip to Upstate New York in 2 weeks! Got it in 3 days !

E. Held says:

SAE to USB Adapter – Motorcycle Cell Phone Charger Best idea for a usb charger on a motorcycle. I didn’t want anything bulky on my handle bars. This work out perfect since I already had a battery tender. It feels well made and the seems to work fine for me so far.

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