S-Video/AV Cable for Nintendo GameCube

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S-Video/AV Cable for Nintendo GameCube

Superior audio/visual performance for your Nintendo GameCube video game console!

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Randy says:

great! The image for the ad used for this item, above, does not match the item this company sends you.A good quality S-Video Cable has a 75ohm split within the cable so that the Composite and the S-Video signals are different, ensuring proper picture quality.The cable sent does not have this, as it’s a KMD Composite+SVideo cable, which is a cheapo cable that sends both the composite and the S-video signals through both connectors.The result is a checker pattern when using the S-Video. It can be difficult to see on the older CRT monitors, but on newer LCD monitors and the like, it becomes clear as day, especially on games with plenty of static images, such as puzzle games.The pattern is present both on SNES and on N64 consoles using this cable. I did not try with Gamecube (although the item says “Gamecube S-Video AV CAble”, on its box it also says “also compatible with N64 and SNES). The purpose of this purchase was specifically for SNES and N64, as Gamecube uses better Component Cables, so this kind of cable would not yield as good quality as the Component one.DO NOT BUY if you want good S-Video Picture Quality! Buyer Beware! The picture shown is not the item they send you!I hope the company updates the image for this cable to match the cable they send. It’s probably an oversight, but I already had owned this cable, and I know it doesn’t produce the best image quality when using its S-Video connector and was hoping I would get the proper cable. I am disappointed, but hopefully they change the image to match what they send and then everything will be alright. Otherwise it’s a bait-and-switch tactic, though I give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Anonymous says:

I bought this for my first gen SNES and the image quality is beyond compare. play contra III and you won’t believe your eyes!!!!

Anonymous says:

Got the item sooner than I thought, and it works great! All cheaper than trying to find one in stores during the holidays.

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