Rubbermaid 50-Piece Easy Find Lids Food Storage Set

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Rubbermaid 50-Piece Easy Find Lids Food Storage Set

Easy Find Lids 50 Piece Set Includes Lids and Containers Lids Snap to Base and Other Lid Lids Nest Inside Each Other Extra Clear Base to Easily See Contents One Lid Fits Multiple Containers

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Buying Happiness says:

Containers are great – here’s how to choose the right set I am very happy with the Easy Find Lid series. They are very good quality. But then, the many, many other reviewers who all also love this set will tell you that.So here’s some information that is harder to find: all the sets of these that I could find available, and the contents of each set, all in one place.———-50 piece set (25 containers, 25 lids):6 x 0.5 cups (118 mL)6 x 1.25 cups (296 mL)3 x 2 cups (473 mL)3 x 3 cups (710 mL)3 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)2 x 7 cups (1.7 Liter)2 x Divided 4.8 cups (1.4 Liter)———-48 piece set (24 containers, 24 lids):6 x 0.5 cups (118 mL)5 x 1.25 cups (296 mL)2 x 2 cups (473 mL)3 x 3 cups (710 mL)4 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)3 x 7 cups (1.7 Liter)1 x 14 cup (3.3 Liter)———-40 piece set (20 containers, 20 lids – walmart only?)5 x 0.5 cups (118 mL)5 x 1.25 cups (296 mL)4 x 2 cups (473 mL)2 x 3 cups (710 mL)2 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)2 x 7 cups (1.7 Liter)———-36 piece set (18 containers, 18 lids):4 x 0.5 cup (118 mL)4 x 1.25 cup (296 mL)5 x 2 cup (473 mL)4 x 3 cup (710 mL)3 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)2 x 7 cups (1.7 Liter)———-24 piece set (12 containers, 12 lids):2 x 0.5 cups (118 mL)2 x 1.25 cups (296 mL)2 x 2 cups (473 mL)2 x 3 cups (710 mL)2 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)2 x 7 cups (1.7 Liter)———-18 piece set (9 contains, 9 lids):3 x 0.5 cups (118 mL)2 x 1.25 cups (296 mL)1 x 2 cups (473 mL)2 x 3 cups (710 mL)1 x 5 cups (1.2 Liter)———-One more note – I found that buying two of the 24 piece sets was several dollars cheaper than buying either the 50 or 48 piece sets, and would provide a nicer distribution that would fit my needs better. Prices will change, of course, so this may not always be true, but it was for me.Here’s some comparison data for buying a 50 piece set, a 48 piece set, 2×24 piece set, and 3×24 piece set, all of which are in a similar price range:1×50 piece set: 6×0.5, 6×1.25, 3×2, 3×3, 3×5, 2×7, 2×4.8divided1x48 piece set: 6×0.5, 5×1.25, 2×2, 3×3, 4×5, 3×7, 1x142x24 piece set: 4×0.5, 4×1.25, 4×2, 4×3, 4×5, 4x73x24 piece set: 6×0.5, 6×1.25, 6×2, 6×3, 6×5, 6×7

Toni T. "AboveAstar" says:

High Quality, Excellently Designed, Sooooo Handy & Functional, BPA DEBATE SETTLED! I’ve owned these for about 6 months now so here’s my Rubbermaid EasyFind containers 101 class:~ Environmental considerations: I really like how these have helped me eliminate almost all use of 1-use plastic bags, tin foil, etc. and both the containers and lids are durable enough that they’ll last for countless years.~ UPDATE TO CLARIFY & SETTLE THE BPA DEBATE: Although independent labratory tests for Good Housekeeping found that the ‘container portion’ of these DO actually contain ”LOW LEVELS” of BPA’s, the report also explains that BPA’s only transfer to foods durring cooking (like microwaving) AND the tests AFTER cooking in these concluded ”No detectable BPA or phthalates migrated from the products (containers)…”, AND ”…the chemicals did not leach into food during microwave heating”. Personally, I like so many things about these containers that if I had any remaining concerns about BPA’s, I’d just transfer the food from the container to a plate or bowl before microwaving it.~ I’ve taken these straight from my freezer to full-power microwave cooking at least 100+ times with zero problems whatsoever, but another reviewer reported that these had melted or warped in the microwave. HOWEVER, EVERY Microwave instruction manual teaches us that WE MUST occasionally stir the food AND rotate our container (especially if our microwave doesn’t have a turntable) because all microwaves can/will have ”hot spots” so it would be unfair to blame Rubbermaid for a microwave operator’s error.~ These DON’T get `perma-grease’ or retain color stains from tomato based foods like many other containers do.~ The lids form a very good and tight seal and, except fot the smallest container, one size lid works with two or more different sizes of containers (a real time saver and hassle eliminator) and I love the space-saving practicality of the lids…..~ Very smart, space efficient design! Square really is much more space saving than round containers are in our cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. And since several sizes of these containers all stack inside each other and the lids stack so efficiently under or beside the containers (without rolling); two 50 piece rubbermaid sets took up less than 1 shelf and I was able to recover most of a large cupboard that held all my former containers PLUS one large drawer just for the lids. Smart kitchen-efficiency solutions like these are far cheaper than expanding our kitchens :) :)~ These have been saving me a lot of money and time and we’re eating healthier too. I’ve not only been saving and actually using almost every scrap of left-over’s but I started cooking larger batches to save the extra for quick & easy lunches or other meals; so I’ve eliminated preparing at least one meal per week, I’m also saving money by almost never eating out now and my recipes are much healthier too.~ This 50 piece set has a very good variety of sizes; The smallest size holds enough gravy, sauce or ala-king for 1 person and I even use the largest size for a casual salad bowl and for marinating. AND, IF we want or need a few more of any size container, these are sold individually in a lot of local department stores (but they’ll USUALLY cost A LOT MORE `per container and lid’ compared to buying one of the 14-50 piece sets that are available both online and in department stores).**~** NO real ”con’s” that I’ve found in these yet, but here are some ‘EXTRA CREDIT’ notes that will be beneficial to you …1): Amazon very, very often offers the lowest prices anywhere, but this set CAN be purchased for less than $38 + $10 shipping at many of your local deartment, discount or ‘club’ stores; and hopefully the prices will drop on ALL the sets here in the near future.2): Like all good-fitting containers, hand washing the lids can be irksome BUT they’re much easier to get cleaned by hand if you wash them right away.3): Food usually expands when it freezes so learn to leave about ½ inch from the top of these container if you’ll be freezing the food (for the lid plus food expansion).4): Plastic becomes more rigid and more brittle and susseptable to breaking when frozen solid. I ‘klutzilly’ dropped several of these filled containers out of my freezer one day which chipped the wide liPs on a few of them when they hit the floor. Even this abuse didn’t affect the usability of them or even the lid-sealing capabilities of the 2 chipped containers, but I’m now more careful when they’re heavy and frozen solid.5): Like ALL manufacturers, Rubbermaid counts EVERY item as one piece SOooo you won’t be getting 50 containers, you’ll actually get 25 containers and 25 lids in a 50 piece set.6): To figure out which set offers the best value for your money: Take the price PLUS shipping, then divide that total by the total number of pieces in the set, now just multiply that number times 2 and you’ll know how much you’d be paying for each…

Bryan A. says:

Many Unusable Sizes The actual functionality of the food storage containers is great. The snap lids are a really nice feature. However there are a couple issues not relating to the functionality but specifically this set. First, why doesn’t this product just say 25 containers rather than 50 pieces. It seems like it can be deceptive for the hasty purchaser. That of course applies to all their container sets. My main issue is with the number unusable sizes in this package. Why does there need to be 6 of the condiment size containers (0.5 cup) I am guessing most people will not use this size… much less 6 of them at one time. The 1.25 cup size is almost just as unusable. It is not quite large enough to fit a lunch or any meal for the average person and again there are 6 of them! The containers most people would use the most are in quantities of 3. Why not 6? How about 2 of the tiny, 2 or 3 of the small, and 5 or 6 more of the decent sizes? Someone might be better off buying the smaller starter sets and purchasing the individual containers to suit their needs.

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