Roto-bator Male Sex Toy

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Roto-bator Male Sex Toy

Introducing Roto-Bator, the World’s First Rotating Vibrating Cordless Masturbator.
It may look like an ordinary cordless power tool, but don’t be fooled.
With two rotation speeds and two levels of vein-pumping vibration to choose from, it’ll make you cum harder than ever before.
It puts a whole new spin on masturbation.
Soft silicone fins rotate around your pleasure rod, delivering spine-tingling sensations even a real mouth couldn’t reproduce.
Supple sleeve clings to your cock with each rotation, while the fins massage, tease, and excite in a circular motion.
Comes with silicone teaser attachment perfect for nipple stimulation and ball play.
Try it on your partner to share the fun with your loved one.
Use personal lubricant for an extra wet, extra wild encounter.
Silicone material is ultra hygienic as well as easy to clean and maintain.
Uses 4 AA batteries (sold separately).
Sensually stretches to accommodate and satisfy most

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marcocucamonga says:

not enough power I threw it away, its a good idea but not enough. Power to follow through. It should be plug in and charge or even just pluug in for more power cause the 4 batteries moves the robobator too slow. And its noisy, too much money for all these issues. Why can’t they just do it right

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