Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

From Rogue comes this amazing deal in the RA-90 dreadnought acoustic guitar. The Rogue guitar is an ideal instrument for the beginner, or young musician. The body depth and width bring out balanced tone and plenty of projection to be heard from across the room. This ultra-affordable dreadnought acoustic guitar features a whitewood body, which brings out lots of mid-range punch. The nato neck adds sustain without losing any strength in tone. The rosewood bridge and fretboard add clarity to each note, and a striking look to the front of the guitar. The RA-090’s C-shape neck, 1-2/3″ nut width, and 16″ radius help with intricate fretboard movements when running up and down the 20 frets. The RA-90 also features nickel hardware and covered tuners. This Rogue acoustic guitar will certainly get the job done, at a price that anybody can afford. Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

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kb says:

Rogue RA-090 I just received my Rogue RA-090 guitar today from Musicians Friends. Actually, it is a nice guitar for a cheap price. At first, I was thinking that it was going to be a kids guitar but this is not a kids toy. I’m glad of that!!! This is a real guitar for beginners or people who needs a traveling guitar to carry around and not worrying about the surface getting scratched. This guitar is put together nicely, and it sounds wonderful. For $40, I would recommend people to purchase this guitar. My guitar came in mint condition, no scratches, no strings detached or nothing, everything was perfect, and package real good. The only thing I had to do was tune it up and start playing. Be sure to purchase a Snark tuner as well. Snark tuners are perfect for tuning quickly and accurately. I will definitely do business again with Musicians Friends, very quick arrival of my package. Plus it came a day early.UPDATE: February 19, 2011Two days later, the high E string broke. I can’t complain; I was going to replace the strings with better quality strings anyway. The strings that came with the guitar sounds brilliant but they’re a little hard on my fingers. I will probably get some lighter strings; I think these strings are medium or heavy. Overall, I’m still satisfied with the Rogue RA-090 guitar; it is a nice looking guitar. For 40 bucks, you can’t beat a deal like this for a playable guitar. I still consider people to purchase this guitar; you will not be disappointed.

ajayr says:

great I bought this for $40 in march, and it is now december, meaning I have had this for 9 months now. This is my first guitar so here’s my review. It’s nice, sturdy, durable (i don’t use a case), and it is well worth it. I tell my friends that it is a forty dollar guitar and they are impressed at how cheap it is.It’s very very solidly built but light, like wield-it-as-a-sword type of light. I am still using the original strings and I agree that the strings are on the tight side. Compared to friends’ acoustics I have played, this one is usually louder and its ring is more “pop” if that makes sense. I recently played a Jasmine acoustic/electric and the Jasmine was more serene sounding and each strum blending, compared to this one where each string rings distinctly and with flare. On this one, action is high so when strumming carelessly hard, I have to make sure I press down harder or else it will buzz … but I don’t mind this because it helps me learn properly 😉 Everything I have said in this paragraph are not cons, just characteristics.EDIT: I thought I should update. I changed my strings a few weeks ago since I broke the G-string (ha-ha). It’s a bit crazy but I changed the strings to elixirs. It’ll sound like I’m advertising elixir strings but my guitar is much more finger friendly. Strings are more gentle yet still solid. How does it sound? Ah-mazing. It rings clear, vibrant, wider in a sense, and …uh, well just take my word. My friends agree it sounds better. So with that in mind, who knew that a string breaking could be a good thing? 😉

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