Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks (Black with Red, Medium)

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Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks (Black with Red, Medium)

Red Lion Legend Athletic Crew Socks (16 Colors). Please note, these are not Nike Elite socks. Small fits a Youth shoe size of 12-4. Medium fits a Ladie’s shoe size of 5-10, Men’s shoe size of 4.5-8.5. Large fits a Ladie’s shoe size of 11-12, Men’s shoe size of 9 – 12.5. Products will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

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Michael Patterson says:

socks look like they are 2 years old after first wash I bought 4 pairs of the red lion sport socks that look like the Nike Elite. After the first wash two of the pairs were fine, but the black pairs looked awful. They honestly look 2 years old now. The white part of the socks has white threads hanging out and knots all over them. I would stay away from these socks and just spend the extra bucks on the Nike Elite. I posted a picture above to show the socks. It doesn’t really show the knots everywhere, but you can see the white threads coming undone!

Mackenzie Cooper says:

Not as good as elites I got these delivered on time and they fit fine, but the white thread shows when worn. I had purchased these because I thought they would be a nice, cheap replacement for the nike elites but with shipping, these socks were about the same price as the elites. You can tell that they aren’t as good as the elites and I would have much rather spent a few more dollars for the real things.

Cherie says:

Bad I bought 2 pairs blue and orange and when I put them on I see white threads come through the creases. I bought them thinking they were nike elites and all the people at school thought I was cheap.

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