Ready to Fish Panfish Kit

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Ready to Fish Panfish Kit

Ready To Fish Panfish Kit

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J. Gitzlaff says:

Nice combination of jigs and silicone lures A useful, cost-effective set of jigs and lures in a nice assortment of colors. As advertised (‘panfish’), these lures are scaled for fish around 6-12″ in length. My son used some of these with his ultralight rod and caught a small bass his first morning on the lake, so this set gets his enthusiastic thumbs-up.

ira_nyc says:

Great kit; works surprisingly well This is a good all-around panfish kit that works well. Other companies (Uncle Bucks, etc.) sell these one-off for a lot more money. I was amazed at how these worked in a relatively cheap kit. Works well in NY and NJ freshwater lakes for bluegills, sunfish, perch and even largemouth bass. Enjoy!

cujo says:

rtf panfish kit for the price i don’t think you can better assortment of panfish lures and jigs. if one color or style isn’t working, you have something different to put on at your fingertips. it gives you a wide source of colors.

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